Ryan Seacrest’s Intense Workout Plan Will Make You Sweat

Ryan Seacrest and his fabulous girlfriend Shayna Taylor are having a blast on their vacation in Italy. The 43-year-old host and entertainment mogul was spotted enjoying dinner with his girlfriend and friends in Portofino, Italy.

While Italy is known for its beauties and rich history, the country is also known for its culinary specialties. Ryan Seacrest has always been known as a foodie. When it comes to diet, Seacrest said that he is mostly vegan, but he needs to work out so he can eat everything he wants.

“During the week, it’s impossible, but Fridays and Saturdays, it’s fantastic to have a two-hour meal, family style, with a fantastic bottle of wine,” Ryan added. Seacrest is also a big fan of extreme detoxes and he even embarked on the iZO Superfood Cleanse.

The cleanse is also a favorite of Gwyneth Paltrow and it can be completed in three or seven day periods, it involves mixing superfood powders which include algae, seaweed, seeds in juice or water. The cleanse also features a herbal laxative, a herbal formula to rid the body of yeast and unwanted organisms, and a liver cleansing supplement.

In his many interviews, “American Idol” host revealed that he is a big fan of a nice cut filet mignon in onion and mushrooms. He especially enjoys delicious side dishes such as ripe orange butternut squash, lightly seasoned with ginger and lemon. Seacrest also loves eating mashed potatoes swimming in gravy and rolled in butter and garlic. Hungry yet? The real question is – how does he look so good if he loves eating so much?

Ryan Seacrest is known as a pop-culture junkie, host of popular TV shows, and producer of America’s favorite television and radio shows. But not everyone knows that Seacrest was once an overweight kid from Dunwoody, GA. Many people also can’t imagine Ryan being so ashamed of his body that he kept his shirt on at the local community pool.

Everyone knows Ryan Seacrest as a fit guy, the one who always finds success through discipline, a tireless worth ethic and commitment to seeing only the best results. Seacrest shed his childhood pounds and found a balance in his diet that gave him the confidence to succeed in everything he does in his life.

His charming personality has won him a place on the television and in people’s hearts all over the world and while he always knew that entertainment would be his future, somewhere along the way, fitness also became a constant part of his life. Also, monitoring his health helps him relieve the stress of being so busy. This is how Ryan Seacrest manages to fight off the extra pounds and still enjoy the food.

Ryan Seacrest’s Fight With Fat

Many people were surprised when Seacrest decided to reveal that he was overweight growing up. “I can’t remember how or why it came up, but it was a reality when I was growing up – I remember it vividly. Like going swimming and not taking off my shirt before jumping in the pool because I was a chubby kid, or going to shop for the first day of school and being in the husky jeans section at Marshall’s,” Ryan explained.

Seacrest still remembers being teased about his weight and because of that, it’s always in his brain. The famous producer admits that he never wants to feel that way again, and that is his biggest motivation. Striving hard for balance without cutting things he truly enjoys became his mantra.

“As a kid, I would go home – my mom didn’t always know I was doing this – and I’d sneak in and make a plate of nachos on a cookie sheet. I’d lay the cheese on top with some jalapenos and crank the oven up to broil, just to get the cheese brown,” Seacrest said, “I did that on a regular basis. I definitely think that remembering how I felt back then drives me to stay fit as an adult.”

But losing weight wasn’t the only thing Ryan Seacrest managed to do as a child. This process also gave him the confidence he didn’t have before. It gave him satisfaction to put on his favorite clothes and feel good about the person he sees in the mirror. Becoming disciplined allowed Seacrest to walk into a room and feel less self-conscious. “I remember both feelings; I remember not having the confidence and then gaining it and going through that transformation. I haven’t forgotten about that,” Seacrest said.

Ryan’s Homemade Recipe for Staying Committed

It’s difficult to stay fit, successful and full of energy all the time. But according to Ryan Seacrest, balance is important for staying on track, both physically and emotionally. That means balancing your career, diet, and family at the same time. And even if he doesn’t always achieve it, Ryan tries to focus on these things and his advice to everyone is to try to do the same.

When it comes to working out, Ryan Seacrest schedules his workouts as if they were meetings. He also makes sure they don’t get canceled! “I make a deliberate plan to fit in a workout each day of the week within my schedule. I’m adamant about exercising during the week to keep up with the different moving parts. I’m most productive when I have a chance to exercise during the day,” he explained.

As someone with a busy TV and radio schedule, Ryan knows that he can’t always make it to the gym, but that’s never an excuse. Seacrest is known to take a commercial break and do some pushups or just grab some very light weights and do a few reps. In other words, if you don’t have enough time to hit the gym, with a little bit of effort, the gym can be everywhere you are.

“One of the things that I’ve found to be most productive for me is that I keep lockers at two different hotels in Los Angeles. As you know, with the sprawl in LA, there are times when you have to be in one part of town and then another, but you don’t have time to go to a gym or go home,” Seacrest explained and added, “I keep workout gear and a change of clothes in those two lockers, so if I do find myself with 45 minutes of downtime and I’m in the neighborhood I can jump in, get a quick workout, shower, and get to the next event.”

Have Your Cake and Eat it (Like Ryan Seacrest)

He might be known for appreciating a good meal, but Ryan Seacrest also has favorite healthy snacks. One of those snacks is vegetable juices. “Sometimes I’ll make juices – with or without pulp; it just depends. I love to snack on things that are crunchy.”

Ryan also enjoys eating almonds, and even though they’re not bad, he tends to eat the wrong amount of roasted or raw almonds or cashews. “I find that when I’m traveling, and I open up that mini-bar for a snack I always go for the nuts – sometimes the peanut M&M’s,” Seacrest revealed.

Due to his super busy schedule, Seacrest often eats out of plastic containers. Looking back on the meals he had over the past 10 years, a lot of them came from a plastic container, which isn’t necessarily great. “With every morning radio show I’ve done, there’s always been a little café or breakfast shop, and for me it’s always been about making sure I order the egg-white omelet with no butter and no oil, and not falling into ordering pancakes,” Ryan explained.

So for Ryan Seacrest, a perfect New Year’s resolution would be to have more meals on a plate without a plastic container and have somebody sitting across from him for a change!

And while he might seem perfect now, Ryan Seacrest also cheats on his diet from time to time. In these occasions, Ryan likes to change up his cheating. So for example, he’d get excited about a big bowl of penne pasta, tacos or warm chocolate-chip cookies. Seacrest is a big fan of Mexican food and he enjoys cheese enchiladas.

How does he stay fit then? “Moderation is the key to all of it, though. I’m not a freak about what I eat, because I do work out. I enjoy a fantastic meal and sometimes having a pizza with the prosciutto on it. I don’t do it all the time, but man, when I do…” We hear you, Ryan!

Of course, it’s not always easy to stay focused and on track with your goals. Ryan’s advice in moments like these is to try your best. “Whether I’m trying to push up a very small amount of weight on a bench press or working up to host a show,” Seacrest said. So just do what you’re doing and try to stay present in every moment. At least that’s what Ryan Seacrest does, and he seems to do it right!

Keeping Up With Ryan Seacrest’s Workout Plan

So far, we learned that Ryan loves to eat, has a super-busy schedule but still manages to find time to balance his private life, family, career and gym! The famous TV and radio host also revealed the exhausting workout schedule he follows so he can eat well and stay so fit.

When it comes to exercising well, you have to have your own age in mind too. Seacrest is 43 years old, and while he doesn’t feel like it, he says that he feels his body is responding to certain exercises. For example, Ryan went for many years without stretching after going for a run or lifting weights. “Now I find my hips are tight, my lower back can get tight, my hip flexors get tight, my IT band gets tight,” Seacrest admitted, adding, “So I carry around this little ball, and I’ll roll on this cylinder – it looks like a piece of pipe – to break up some of the scar tissue that comes with age and hard exercise.”

Getting older doesn’t mean that you should give up on exercising. On the contrary, it means you need to adjust your exercise plan and shape your routine to your age. Ryan’s routine starts at 6 am every morning. Each morning, the broadcaster who also produces TV series including “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” has a matcha tea followed by a coffee and then jumps on a spinning bike at home for his early morning workout.

“Most recently I’ve been boxing with a boxing coach. If anybody ever jumps me, I’m ready,” Ryan shared. “I also use the Peloton bikes before I go to work. And I love to run. I don’t like treadmill. It’s always fun to run in the park,” Seacrest mentioned some of his favorite exercises.

But Ryan Seacrest’s day of exercise doesn’t end there! While many people would be satisfied with the early morning workout, Ryan explained that he also likes to work out during the day whenever he gets a free hour. He even brought a trainer with him to the Bahamas when he and Kelly Ripa were filming their live show there. Now, that’s called dedication!

To stay on track, Seacrest mixes up his fitness activities. He said that keeping fitness interesting and fun is one of the best ways to meet your goals. Of course, Seacrest has his favorite workouts.

“I’m fortunate to work with a handful of different trainers. I like circuit workouts and core workouts. I always like to break a sweat from the get-go right up through the hour. We do everything from using large core balls to doing basic pushups and situps to sprints on the stationary bike. I enjoy changing exercises during the hour and throughout the week,” the famous host revealed.

Ryan Seacrest also likes to swim. Many of his fans don’t know this, but Ryan grew up going to a neighborhood swim club and that was his exercise when he was a child. “On the weekends I’ll go for a swim, and I find that I’m out of breath after 15 to 20 minutes. I aim to be better at it, though,” he said.

Seacrest enjoys swimming because he finds it relaxing. He especially loves the moment where he breaks a sweat inside the pool. “I’ve had a knee injury and an elbow injury in the past; if you’ve had any damage, swimming is a great way to exercise.”

How to Exercise Like Ryan Seacrest

The ABC “Live with Kelly and Ryan” star who is currently living between New York and Los Angeles shared his daily and weekly routine which involves a lot of exercises. Here’s what you can do to exercise just like Ryan!

Hit the Gym

Ryan Seacrest’s goal is to be in the gym five hours a week. But he admits it’s probably average four and he tells himself he’s done five. See, he’s just like the rest of us! To see the best results, Ryan balances the right diet with the right exercise because he loves food so much. Sometimes he goes back and forth, without making any real progress he wants to see because he cheated on his diet a bit too much that week.

“I almost always have the television on one of the news channels with the volume down so that I can read the lower third of what’s happening. I love cranking up music, and I love pop music. So I’ll listen to pop music and get some of the mixes that our radio station creates each day. I’ve downloaded some of those mixes. I have found that it definitely helps. I struggle when there is no music on and I hear myself breathing – it just doesn’t get me there,” Ryan said.

Cardio is Your Friend

Seacrest loves to run. Even though the first 20 minutes are always hard for him, he starts to really get going afterward when the endorphins kick in. Unfortunately, an injury made things difficult for Ryan, but he doesn’t give up on running, “I hurt my knee about a year ago in the snow. I launched off the back of a snowmobile and landed in some deep snow and twisted it, so I haven’t gotten back to some of the longer-distance running that I used to love to do.”

He also loves waking up on a weekend morning and going to the beach in LA. He usually goes for a run before it gets too crowded and then has a great breakfast and a cup of coffee. “I’ve been doing the stationary bike to get this knee better for the most part,” Seacrest explained.

Say Yes to Yoga

People either worship yoga or they can’t stand it. Ryan Seacrest is not perfect at yoga but he is persistent, and here’s why you should be as well! “It is a fantastic form of exercise, but I just can’t seem to get decent at it, so I get frustrated. I believe that I’ve got to do it more frequently to get better at it,” Ryan said and added, “I kind of – as some of us do – go in spurts where I’ll go through a phase of doing that and then I fall out of it. For me, I have some tightness in my lower back, and I find it difficult to get to the place where I can do it well. Perhaps, because men are initially less flexible, in general, before we train our bodies, that makes it tougher for us.”


And last, but not the least, Ryan Seacrest revealed why he’s such a big fan of biking! He’s always excited to go and get a new hybrid-type bike and start getting back into it. “I’ve done some casual street and mountain biking in an effort to get back into it. I’d really like to bike the coast here in California or pack up the bikes and go to Northern California,” he said. “I love getting on the bike and cruising around for a while.”

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