Trump May Talk to Mueller While Giuliani Does the Political Two-Step

The New Yorkers who knew Giuliani in his prosecuting prime are scratching their heads now. Giuliani was an attorney attack dog in the 1990s. And when he dug his attorney teeth into the Mayor’s office, he tamed a city that was out of control. It was Giuliani against the “bad guys,” and the good guy won. Giuliani was a card-carrying member of the “We Stand for Justice” movement that took shape after 9/11. By that time, Giuliani was a hero. He was part of the solution not part of the problem.

Rudy disappeared from national attention for a few years. His Florida law practice gave him all the attention he needed. Being Rudy Giuliani living in Florida was like being a Dalai Lama living in Tibet.

New Yorkers stick together, and Donald Trump was the un-drying glue that held a certain segment of the Super East Side developers together. New York Developers and attorneys seem to have an unwritten New Yorker “I’ll help if I can” code. We are now witnessing how that code plays out when there is a potential obstruction of justice charge floating through the city that never sleeps, and the rest of the world.

Developer Donald Trump and Buffet-loving attorney Rudy Giuliani are giving the world front row seats to the reality show of the century. But that old bulldog Rudy morphed into a comic book character that has penguin-perfect double talk. That kind of talk can only come from the rules of that “I’ll help you if I can” code.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is finally showing his “It’s time to get real face” to Trump by way of an invitation to his come-to-Jesus meeting. The invitation reads “be ready to give me your best self-concocted reason why I shouldn’t throw you under your own political bus.”

The Mueller meeting invitation isn’t new. Giuliani and his team, and Mueller and his team have been playing “Your It” for several months. But this invite is different. Mueller thinks he’s got the old bulldog and the president right where he wants them. Trump is saying one thing and Rudy is saying another. The Ying and Yang of double talk will have to regroup now. Mueller recently said he was going to wrap up his investigation sometime in September. And this public meeting banter is part of his wrap up. But that could mean the world will get to watch American History in motion. The world is ready. Countries know anything can happen while Trump is president.

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