USHEALTH Advisors’ Karla Kay McCombs Sees The Good In It All

The trials we are dealt in life can be enough to cause us to form a negative attitude or simply give up and become complacent, but just the opposite is true for Karla Kay McCombs. A woman with unmatched strength and an unwavering commitment to the people she loves, she has taken adversity with a grain of salt and instead has become an example for all of us to live up to.


Located in Texas, she works as the Director of Marketing at USHEALTH Group and has worked with CEO Troy McQuagge for over 20 years. A living example of the organization’s mission of HOPE: Helping Other People Everyday, McCombs is responsible for working with the local field force to create positive changes in the lives of many.


Waiting for a Family


Karla’s own parents set the example of what she wanted her family to look like, and as one of four siblings, she watched them recently celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. Marrying very young in life, Karla and her first husband went right to work providing a beautiful environment with the hope of raising a large family.

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Despite giving birth to two sons, McCombs was diagnosed with a malignant mass in her uterus and required a complete hysterectomy, thus eliminating her chances of having more children. While she hoped to someday have a house full of kids, she didn’t let this hurdle stop her.


Karla and her husband adopted a third child, Danielle, a while later, and as her own younger sister had been adopted when Karla was 11, she felt a strong connection to the upbringing she cherished.


A Change of Plans


Several years after bringing Danielle home with them to Texas, Karla and her husband came to the difficult decision that ending their marriage was the next step to take in their lives. Now as a single mom of three children, she decided to make a career change away from the real estate and property management industry and found herself working for a health coverage provider.


As a transcriptionist, McCombs polished her typing ability to reach a whopping 125 words-per-minute, and around the time that her skills really took flight, she met a man named Jim who would later become her husband. Jim’s blessing in her life went far beyond just their relationship, as she gained another child in his son and also met her now best friend Lee.


Joining USHEALTH Advisors


Though she may not have known it at the time, Karla was greatly impacted by having Lee in her life, as this woman introduced her to others in the industry who would ultimately inspire her to join USHEALTH Advisors and work alongside the organization’s CEO.


With her open heart and infectious smile, Karla’s positive attitude aligns perfectly with the mission of USHEALTH Group. Working in an organization that holds such similar values at their core is a job that’s fun for McCombs, as she helps Agents adhere to health coverage codes across the 30 states, in which our policy holders reside. The organization offers affordable and customized coverage to individuals who are self-employed or who simply need peace of mind around their health. Products in the USHEALTH Group portfolio include accidental disability, vision, dental, and life policies to families across the nation.


More Kids Than Ever


Working for USHEALTH Group has not only provided Karla and her family with a tremendous opportunity to thrive and live out the HOPE mission every single day, but it’s also given her one of the greatest gifts imaginable. While her four children bring her joy each and every day, the people Karla works with are all like members of her own family, and she now gets to have these “kids” in her life on a regular basis.


Karla’s own family has grown as well, with her children all holding college degrees and starting families of their own. Everyone lives relatively close to each other and is there to offer love and support when life gets difficult. Karla and Jim married in the year 2000 and he underwent open heart surgery recently but is now as healthy as ever.


When she reflects on her life, McCombs must see how clearly she was led to her current circumstances, and while there were trying times, they were all for a greater good down the road. Just one conversation with her will show you that she truly cares about putting the needs of others first, and her open and welcoming spirit makes her a perfect match for USHEALTH Group.


The sky’s the limit when it comes to Karla’s career with the organization, and as USHEALTH Group continues to expand upon their portfolio of options and reaches more and more people in need, you can bet that Karla will be there with a smile on her face, warmth in her heart, and the desire to help out in any way she can.

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