An Armed Stand-Off That Was Experienced in South Sacramento Hotel Ended up Peacefully.

The eight hours standoff with the SWAT team in Sacramento ended up okay the way the police wanted. The incidence transpired on Friday morning. The whole ordeal was at a motel that is located in South Sacramento. The police officers appended the offender. The suspect was handcuffed and placed in a police car at around 10. AM. The police officers had responded to the alarm of gunshots that were being fired at about 1:30 AM. Vance Chandler, the Sacramento police officer, reported that the shooting took place at the American’s Best Value near the intersection of highway 99 and the Mack road. Chandler noted that the suspect had barricaded himself inside the hotel and that he had fired his firearm several times. The man also fired at the police officers.

Chandler noted that some guests that were at the Motel were immediately evacuated, while others were sheltered inside their respective rooms and were not in a position to leave. Chandler went on to say that after the standoff proceeded for an extended period. The crisis negotiators then made verbal contacts with the suspect. At first, the armed man wasn’t cooperative. The suspect continued to fire his weapon from 5:40 AM. However, at around 10 am, the police managed to take the suspect into custody without any incident. The armed suspect was in the room alone. Chandler reported that no injuries were incurred. During the arrest, the Sacramento police had not managed to attain the suspect’s identity. Chandler stated that the law enforcement recovered a firearm in the hotel room. The police explosive decree detail was on the ground well prepared to take on the suspect.

Chandler congratulated the effort that was showcased by the team of police officers. The police were well trained to pursue a peaceful resolution. There was no much use of force. It’s not yet clear what triggered the disaster. Geoffrey Barnes and Leonie were among the guests that were evacuated from the Motel. At around 1:30 AM Leonie noted that she heard shooting which was about six to seven shots. The guest thought that the shots were from the California Highway Patrol substation which is not very far from the motel. She assumed the shots and went back to sleep. The guest was later woken up to more shots. Ten minutes later, she heard a knock on the door and a voice asking them to evacuate the Motel room. The couple was led to a safer place by the police.

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