Canada, the Country to Watch out for in Tech World.

As economies fight to outshine one another in information technology talent, technology specialists seem to be enjoying the most as their demand rises with guaranteed employment opportunities. In this light, Canada’s technology sector has been identified as the largest economic sector in the state and it continues to show good progress. In its third most populated province of British Columbia. In this province there are 150,000 people employed in technology as the province is said to attract international companies like Amazon and Microsoft looking for a market space in Toronto.

According to a report by the Forbes magazine in July this year, Canada has become a destination for commercial investments and a global leader in artificial intelligence. For this reason, it has been empowering new companies to flourish and compete on the global platform. It has recently been hosting numerous events in the technology industry involving some of the world’s finest innovators and talents, to work on the ever changing global innovations.

In a continued effort to empower this Canadian upcoming tech companies, tech giants such as Blackberry and L sparks have teamed up and offered their products (Blackberry QNX operating system and L sparks accelerator program) to help these companies to grow in the competitive sector .Through a program dubbed ‘the accelerator program’) the two companies have been backed up by the National Research Council to assist 6 small and medium sized companies that will be chosen across Canada to join in. The overall goal is to help them in implementing the QNX technology into their products through a 6 month long mentorship training at no cost. Blackberry is set to help them to develop product prototypes in robotics, sensor fusion, cyber security, medical devices, functional safety, analytics and autonomous transport. L sparks on the other hand will be helping these same companies to develop proof of ideas, scaling strategies and minimum viable products.

With this kind of mentorship programs from the tech giants as well as the support that the Canadian government has shown in the industry, the number of companies in the health technology and those in digital clean technologies is most likely to double by the year 2025. As the tech industry in Canada continues to expand and become more attractive, global investors will continue to stream in as they seek for business opportunities, making Canada an innovation nation and the country to watch out for.

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