Philanthropist Lee May and Beamridge Ltd Sponsor Several Youth Organizations

Beamridge Ltd and Lee May Help Youth Sports Organizations

Many people clamor for the secret to success across all sectors of business. This is especially true in the real estate industry where success can be lucrative and failure can be financially devastating. In a field replete with competition and players hailing from all over the world stage, success can be elusive for all but a select few. Developer Lee May is one of those people who has been able to turn hard work and determination into a robust career within the real estate industry. A look at his professional life offers a host of interesting insights for anyone seeking to make such a career for themselves.


Lee May

May started at the very bottom of the construction industry and began at the age of 16 years as a hod carrier (a supporting laborer). He was passionate about his career and wanting to grow within the industry he attended North West Kent College and got his City and Guilds qualification to become a bricklayer.

May quickly rose to become a brickwork subcontractor at the age of 23 and by the age of 28 was one of the largest brickwork subcontractors in the south of England, with an employee base of 600 workers. This was a young man with a vision, the hunger, desire and tireless energy to become an entrepreneur who started from very little and created his own success that has touched the lives of many people. In many peoples eyes he has already become an entrepreneur, but in his own eyes has only scratched the surface of what he wants to accomplish.


Professional Background

Before we dive into the many aspects of his professional career, let’s take a look at the hallmarks that have shaped Lee May over the years. An entrepreneur and businessman, he has over twenty-five years of experience in the field of construction and real estate development. He has long been characterized by his ambition and drive, those who know him say these traits have served him well since the time he completed his formal education until present day. With a nose for new business opportunities, he is constantly working to expand his portfolio of holdings and push the boundaries of his career into new and exciting areas of the market.

May has been known to refer to his business aspirations as a hobby rather than a job, so deep is his passion for what he does. He has a particular focus on building companies from the ground up and is often seen as someone who will put in the effort required to create a successful business from scratch, only to then sell it to a high bidder and move on to the next venture. Throughout these transitions, he always places an emphasis on loyalty for those that work for him. This loyalty stems from a deep recognition of the fact that surrounding oneself with trustworthy individuals is key to success. Additionally, Lee May is gathering a vast portfolio of commercial units and over 200,000 square foot of commercial space. He has also accumulated vast land bank and a small but considerate residential portfolio.


Advising Large Firms

One of the major actives for which Lee May has become known over the years is his involvement with the construction firm, Beamridge ( The company, focused on large-scale construction, development, and management contracts, has long turned to May as an advisor on some of its most difficult projects. With a wisdom that comes from a confluence of both passion and experience, he has been able to help guide the company towards a host of practices that are not only profitable but also ethically sound. These influences can be seen in the company’s willingness to take on projects that focus on a wide range of subsections of the market, as well as its determination to safeguard the environment through minimizing its carbon footprint and installing safety protocols at all of its construction sites.


Other Endeavors

Beyond his association with Beamridge, Lee May has had many other professional successes that cause him to stand out from the crowd. With a stated goal of becoming one of the largest developers in South East London, he has worked tirelessly to broker deals and take on new initiatives that have helped him raise his profile and cement his standing in the world of real estate. One example of this work is the recently awarded permission to develop over 600 apartments in South London. In this same vein, he has also recently secured multiple sites in Essex for a development of over 1000 units that will be a mix of both care homes and residential units.

May’s influence also expands beyond his domestic ambitions in London as he has begun taking his business ventures to the international stage. A recent partnership undertaken with a foreign fund resulted in the completion of a joint venture valued at £380 million. Along with this, he has also begun pushing the boundaries of his business into North America. This venture comes in the form of a land purchase to be used to construct a new shopping mall in Canada. Not only will this project showcase May’s capacity for development, but it will easily open new doors to future endeavors.


Philanthropic Works

Along with his focus on business, Lee May has a deep appreciation for giving back to his community. His concentration in this area tends to be on youth organizations where he feels he can impact the lives of young people and steer them away from a life of crime. To this end, he regularly speaks at gyms and other organizations as a mentor. Commonly during his talks, he’ll emphasize the power of determination in business and life to improve one’s circumstances. He also is on hand to give practical advice centered around starting a business or succeeding in the world of real estate. Through these actions, he is able to pass on some of the benefits of his learnings throughout his career.

In addition to his role as a mentor, he also donates time and financial resources towards improving the lives of others. He has sponsored a variety of initiatives that have benefited cancer institutes, road safety initiatives, and hospice care societies. A particular focus of his philanthropy, born out of an interest in the sport, is the work he does with amateur boxing organizations. With a view that the sport offers a path to excellence both through the values it instills and the opportunities it creates, May has worked extensively to ensure local clubs have adequate resources at their disposal. His next action towards these goals will be the running of a 10k race to raise £20,000 for the Nemesis Boxing Club which will allow them to purchase a new minibus to provide for their transportation needs.

Though success is an achievement enjoyed only by the few who are willing to work at it, there are certain keys to its pursuit that anyone could benefit from learning. One great resource from which to learn is the above information on Lee May. By reviewing his efforts towards reaching his goals in both his professional career as well as his charitable giving, those with an inclination towards following in his footsteps will find themselves with a leg up over their peers. Take the information to heart and you may one day find yourself with a litany of professional and personal achievements of which you can be proud.

Interviewing Lee May has been quite the illuminating experience, to say the least. He is one of the most colorful characters in the construction industry and as we ended the interview, my final question to him was: “Do you have anything else to say regarding the near future”. May looked me dead the eyes, and with a broad smile, he said: “watch this space”. This man’s story is, without a doubt, one of a kind. I am genuinely excited to see where his journey takes him.

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