Uk’s Prime Minister Has Pointed Fingers on Vladimir Putin for the Russian Pair That Was Accused of Novichok Poisonings.

The United Kingdom is seeking to intensify pressure to the leader of the Kremlin, President Vladimir Putin. This is after British officials named two Russian military intelligence officials that had been allegedly ordered to execute the poisoning attack in Novichok. The incidence occurred in Salisbury. Theresa May delivered an exclusive statement to a packed House of Commons where she revealed two suspects that flew into Britain to terminate Yulia Skripal and Sergei back in March. Theresa May explained that the two men were from the Russian Military Intelligence. The prime minister also revealed that the men were in the GRU unit.

The British premiere recognized the GRU unit as an extremely disciplined organization that is firmly established concerning the chain of command. According to the Prime minister, that was not a rogue operation. The prime minister said that firmly. She also sanctioned outside the GRU at a senior position in Russia. She bravely pointed fingers at Vladimir Putin. The United Kingdom will appear before the United Nations Security Council on Thursday next week. The UK is set to set a case against the Kremlin. For five months now since the incidents occurred in Salisbury, the British government has faced immense criticism for lack of apparent evidence that links the crime to Russia.

However, on Wednesday, Britain’s senior counter-terrorism officer displayed a layout of how the two suspects traveled all the way from Moscow to London. They then traveled to Salisbury. The two suspects were captured on multiple CCTV images which supported the details. Britain’s officials noted that the pair were charged with conspiracy to commit murder. They entered Britain 48 hours before the assassination attempt. They traveled on official Russian passports that were issued in fake names. The credentials on the visas were not their original ones. The British police named the two suspects as Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov. The police believed that the suspects were aliases.

The British prosecutors noted that there was no substantial evidence to charge the pair with conspiracy to the killing of Sergei Skripal who was a former GRU officer. Sergei had sold Russian secrets to Great Britain before he settled in Salisbury in Wiltshire. The British police produced CCTV footages of the pair, which is believed to be the Russian assassination squad during their 50-hour visit to Great Britain. They entered at Gatwick airport at around 3 PM on Friday 2nd March. They trafficked in the novichok.

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