Month: October 2018

Trump’s Trade War With China May Backfire If China Decides To Go “All-In”

China has the second largest economy in the world. For years, China’s Gross Domestic Product growth was in the double-digit category. When the country’s manufacturing sector slowed down, the GDP growth figure dropped. But China’s economic growth is still better than the United States GDP output. China’s more than six percent GDP growth puts U.S.

forward Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell’s Leadership Style: Want a successful business? Focus on your knowledge workers.

Every business has its most important individuals that drive key decisions. These individuals are knowledge workers, and their minds impact business outcomes most profoundly. So, in order for these individuals to their jobs effectively, they must possess effective cognitive skills. These skills are attributable to the functions of the brain’s prefrontal cortex, where the deep

The Political Repercussions of the Kavanaugh Vote.

This week, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed by the slimmest of margins. The vote was 50 to 48 to approve Kavanaugh for the highest court in the land. The nomination process was extremely contentious with protests occurring both for and against confirmation. Now that Brett Kavanaugh has won confirmation, what is the potential political fallout? Who

Outside Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell Claims Dr. Ford’s Testimony Is Full Inconsistencies

The Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee brought in Rachel Mitchell, an outside prosecutor to question Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford during the recent hearing. The committee wants to get to the bottom of Dr. Ford’s accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. Mitchell didn’t like the question-asking format, but she did her best to weed out