Outside Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell Claims Dr. Ford’s Testimony Is Full Inconsistencies

The Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee brought in Rachel Mitchell, an outside prosecutor to question Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford during the recent hearing. The committee wants to get to the bottom of Dr. Ford’s accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. Mitchell didn’t like the question-asking format, but she did her best to weed out the untruths that some lawmakers say were blatantly present. But her best wasn’t good enough, according to many Americans. So in a new five-page memo, Mitchell says Dr. Ford’s testimony is full of inconsistencies. And because of those inconsistencies, she would not bring criminal charges against Brett Kavanaugh.

According to Mitchell, Dr. Ford’s friends don’t agree with her memory of the Kavanaugh sexual assault, and that is a key factor in her decision. Plus, the fact that Dr. Ford could not give the date of the gathering or the place where the assault occurred is another reason to give Kavanaugh the benefit of the doubt, according to Mitchell. In her memo, Mitchell listed three or four other reasons why Kavanaugh is telling the truth. But according to the Democrats on the committee, the hearing was a job interview, not a criminal investigation. In other words, Kavanaugh was there to prove he is Supreme Court Justice material. And according to the Democrats, he failed to prove he’s not biased, and he’s not the Brett Kavanaugh he was thirty-six years ago.

Mitchell is a Republican, so her memo does have political undertones. Some people claim Mitchell was there to prove her Republican Supreme Court nominee was worthy of a lifelong job. But Mitchell denies that claim.

Mitchell is a lawyer, not a politician, so she would interpret Dr. Ford’s testimony like a lawyer. Rachel Mitchell wasn’t looking for some hidden fact to appear that would confirm Dr. Ford’s claims. She was prosecuting her in a refrained way, and according to people across the nation, Dr. Ford passed the prosecutor’s test. Ford suffered a sexual assault, and she says Brett Kavanaugh is the person who assaulted her.

President Trump changed his mind after the public demanded an FBI investigation. Trump gave the FBI the go head to implement a one-week limited investigation. The FBI will interview the people who know Ford and Kavanaugh. The FBI will report what they find to the president and the Senate committee. Rachel Mitchell’s memo is not going to carry much weight with the committee after the FBI completes the investigation, according to the Democrats.

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