Trump Signs Opioid Bill After Melania Reminds Him to Do So

President Trump likes to hold court. He likes to have the press around even though he calls them “the fake news.” The press follows Trump’s every move, and the former reality star likes the attention. But there’s a limit to his affection for the press. When the press gives the world a first-hand look at the president during the times he loses his focus, most people shake their heads and laugh. And when he forgets to do say or do something he endorses in Trumpian fashion, Trump usually shrugs his New York shoulders, raises his arms, holds them in the air, and smiles without showing his teeth. That’s what happened when Melania had to remind the president to sign the opioid bill in front of the media.

A video of the signing went viral when it showed the president entering the East Room to sign the bill, and it also showed the president leaving the room before signing the bill endorsed by Republicans and Democrats. Melania was with him, and she had to remind the president to sign the bill before leaving the East Room of the White House.

Trump looked battle weary as he entered the room, according to several sources. But he held court in his usual narcissistic manner. Trump made one declaration after another about the importance of the bill, and how the bill will help curve the opioid crisis. The bill has dozens of enforcement and treatment provisions that lawmakers from states hit hardest by the crisis put into the bill. The bill also authorizes funding for the 21st Century Cures Act. And it does away with some restrictions that prevented Medicare funding for opioid treatment.

During Mr. Trump’s comments, he seemed to get hung up on the word “ultra-lethal. And that sent him into one of his “what the hell is he saying” moments. He got lost in his own world of self-absorption and questionable facts.
But Melania was there to rescue her husband as he started to leave the room without signing the bill. Melania pointed Trump in the right direction and the press roared knowing Trump forgot the reason he came into the East Room in the first place. But the minor glitch in Trump’s public announcement and signing ceremony didn’t bother Mr. Trump. Trump has a way of making his mistakes look and sound regal. And in this situation he proved he can ad-lib like a true Hollywood reality star.

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