House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Is Ready to Take Trump on When the Democrats Take over the House

For the last two years, Donald Trump has methodically given the Democrats a lesson in uncensored politics. Trump has carved a message in the minds of voters across the country. That message is the Democrats are criminals and Hillary Clinton is the devil dressed like a Democrat. He takes pleasure watching his opponents crawl and scratch their way through the Republican great wall of nationalistic politics. America under Trump is not the America the Democrats want to live in, and they finally have a chance to give Trump what he’s been giving them.

Nancy Pelosi, the California minority Speaker of the House, should become the majority speaker when the Democrats get the keys to Congress. Most Democrats want to indict Trump, and almost all Democrats want to impeach him. Pelosi will be the catalyst that either puts Trump’s presidency on hold or makes him pay by impeaching him.

Pelosi knows how to play the political game. She’s a seasoned California politician who has strong connections and a lot of old support. Some news reports say Pelosi will start investigations that eat away at Trump’s falsehoods and misstatements. She will be the Democrat that gives the Democratic Party a reason to celebrate Trump’s inability to get anything done over the next two years.

But many of the new Democrats who are packing their bags for the trip to Washington in January don’t want Pelosi running the show when they get there. Those Democrats say Pelosi needs to go. She represents the old Democratic party. That’s the party of Obama and Hillary Clinton, and that’s old school Democratic politics. The new Democrats want to show the country they can cross the aisle and get things Americans want done, done. Things like healthcare reform and infrastructure updates. They want immigration reform as well as voting reform. But Pelosi still has a lot of Democratic support so a battle within the Democratic Party might not end well for the new Congressmen who want new leadership.

Pelosi thinks she knows how to deal with Trump for the next two years. She knows what political buttons to push to make Trump look like the liar the Democrats say he is. She’s not a fan of impeaching the president. Pelosi wants to tear Trump’s lying eyes apart by proving he’s taking advantage of his position in order to feather his own business nest and the nests of his family and corporate friends.

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