Roberto Santiago Turns Heads with Promotions at Manaira Shopping

Roberto Santiago Helps Manaira Shopping With Promotions

When a business enterprise is already successful, there is often a temptation to let the focus on customers slip or the original goal of the undertaking fall by the wayside. Ultimately such a practice can have a detrimental effect not only on the business itself but on the mission it is trying to accomplish. In order to get a better understanding of the ways in which a business can avoid this fate, we’ll take a look at Roberto Santiago and the methods he uses to ensure that his large-scale shopping complex, Manaira Shopping, keeps its focus on the customers and community it serves. Read on for a look at the current ways the complex operates and some of the history of this long-standing fixture in Brazil.


Current promotions


One thing a business can do to keep its work relevant no matter how long it has been operating is to run promotions that help serve customers and keep them interested in the undertaking. This is being accomplished currently at the shopping center with a promotion aimed at giving customers a chance to win a free car. Until December 24th, for every R$20 spent at establishments in the shopping center, customers will be able to enter a ticket in the drawing to receive a brand new Ford Ka. This promotion serves to underscore the appreciation the complex holds for the continuing patronage of its customers.

Another focus of late has been an initiative at Manaira Shopping to promote awareness and contribute to the eradication of breast cancer. This promotion has been conducted to line up with the nationwide “OutubroRosa” push which is a wide-ranging effort to combat breast cancer. The initiative at the shopping center has seen donations collected and passed along to support women undergoing treatment for the illness. All collections are being sent to Network Feminina de Combate ao Câncer, of João Pessoa, which is a non-profit dedicated to assisting low-income women afflicted with breast cancer.

Another portion of the breast cancer initiative focuses on educational resources that can help combat the disease. To that end, the shopping center partnered with Smart Fit, one of the largest sports academy networks in Latin America. From that partnership a dance ensemble was given support to perform and spread a message pertaining to promoting awareness of breast cancer as well as methods to prevent the disease before it strikes.


History of center


The above promotions are not out of the ordinary for the center, which is now coming up on its thirtieth anniversary. From its inception it has been a community-focused enterprise intent on bringing commerce and opportunity to the city of João Pessoa, where it is located. This is in part due to the low-level of commercial availability before its opening, with no large-scale shopping centers existing in the area prior to its inauguration. The resultant lack of commerce not only pushed shoppers to travel to other cities to attain goods and services, it also created a drain on the economy of the area as merchants saw income generated locally move to other parts of the country.

When the complex opened in 1989 it was a modest size, serving the area but not known for its size. It has since undergone multiple expansions to help serve an ever-growing interest in patronage and merchants seeking to install shops in the complex. At present, the building encompasses 135,000 square meters and services almost 20 million customers annually.


Founder ideology


Though the conception for the complex was in part born out of a need for commerce, it also was rooted in the needs of the local community for a meeting space that could provide a range of activities in which to participate. This idea was helped along by discussions between founder Roberto Santiago and his father, who served as a guiding presence throughout the conception and construction of the project. The founder credits the many late-night discussions with his father about the underlying principles of the project for much of the complex’s success.

These ideals are evident in many different aspects about how the shopping center is currently set up but is perhaps nowhere more evident than in its rooftop event venue, Domus Hall. That space, which can hold 8 thousand people, is a clear example of the importance the shopping center holds in the community today. Playing host to a wide range of cultural events, such as concerts, art exhibitions, fairs, and theatrical performances, the hall has served as a central place for families and friends to come together and appreciate the offerings of the community (MundoDoMarketing).


Other features


In addition to the rooftop event venue, the team behind the center has been sure to include many features in the space that allows people to participate in activities beyond just shopping. The center boasts a top-quality food court and other fine dining establishments to allow people to dine together while enjoying the cuisine of their choosing. There is also a gym on site to provide customers with the option to increase their level of physical activity while at the complex. There is even a college in the center that offers patrons the ability to meet with professors and attend lectures to further their education and professional development. With such a range of activities to complement the many options for shopping and commerce, it is perhaps no surprise that the center has become such long-standing fixture in its community.

Though it is commonplace for many businesses to decline in quality as they age or to stray from their initial vision as their complexity increases, there are still many establishments and enterprises in the world that can serve as an example of how to stay true to a central ideal. Manaira Shopping is such an enterprise that has proven, through the use of promotions and other additions, that a business can grow while still serving its original clientele. This continuing commitment can be attributed in large part to the work done by Roberto Santiago and how he continues to draw on his original inspiration as he further develops the shopping center. A review of the above material can give a better idea of just how much his influence has helped make the complex what it is today.

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