Day: December 13, 2018

Conduct an Executive Background Check Before Hiring

The executive members make a small fraction of the entire workforce yet they are more influential and have access to most of the firm’s resources as compared to any other position in the company. As a result, filling any of the executive positions necessitates a thorough and broad executive background check. The screening process is

Ted Bauman Discusses Why Everyone Should Have a Retirement Backup Plan

It is said that the greatest achievement of President Franklin Roosevelt in his implementation of socialist-inspired policies in the wake of the Great Depression was not to bring socialism to American shores but to prevent capitalism from fleeing them. The many New Deal projects, the flagship of which was the unprecedented and highly ambitious creation

Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani Keeps Moving Forward: The DAMAC Owner Speaks Out About Financial Losses, Trump, and Philanthropy

2018 has been a challenging year for Dubai’s property developers. The city, which has long been a global hot spot for tourism and cutting-edge architecture, has suffered a decline in development due to unfavorable trading conditions. DAMAC Properties, one of the region’s most prominent luxury development companies, is among the businesses that have taken a