Flynn’s Cooperation in the Mueller Investigation Has Donald Trump Jr. Nervous

Donald Trump Jr. plays an important role in the Trump Organization. He and his brother Eric manage the family business while Don Sr. handles the political side of things for the family. Some news reports say Donald Trump Jr. learned how to run with the big real estate dogs watching his dad. But Don Jr. liked to hunt and fish, and bartend, so he moved to Colorado to be one with nature, but he came back to New York to help his family change the course of history.

Now that his father is up to his neck in political quicksand, thanks to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, Don Jr. has tried to keep a low profile. But that’s hard for young Trump. He’s a product of his father’s mental conditioning. When his dad says “jump,” Don Jr. does flips to please him. Some people familiar with the Trump Organization say Don Jr. is his father’s clone, and Don Jr. accepts that title with pride.

When Mr. Trump went to Russia in 2013, Trump Jr. went with him. He played an active role in the quest to build a Trump Tower in Russia, according to Michael Cohen’s plea deal with Mueller. Don Jr. also played an important role in the 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon, and a Russian Lawyer. The Russian lawyer was there to give the Trump’s more dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Whenever there was any kind of contact between the Trump campaign and the Russians, Don Jr. seemed to take the lead. But he tried to maintain a low profile while he worked on the Trump Tower deal during the campaign, according to Mr. Cohen. Junior also kept a low profile when he asked the Russians to release more information about Hillary Clinton. His father had to act like he didn’t know what Don Jr., Paul Manafort, and other campaign officials had going on with the Russians. The Trump’s made it sound like they had nothing to do with the Russians, but that story fell apart when Mueller got Michael Flynn to tell the real story. Flynn, another Trump loyalist, crossed the line and landed in the lap of Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Now that Mr. Flynn spilled the beans about how much contact the Trump’s had with the Russians through various people, Don Jr. thinks he’s Mueller’s next target. And some news reports say Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi are also on Mueller’s indictment list.

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