Lime Crime: Vegan Beauty Products, Adhering to The Cruelty-Free Company Message

Lime Crime is a beauty company that is distinguished by the fact that its line of brightly colored products are vegan and free from cruelty or animal testing. The founding mission was to empower customers to express their creativity through striking looks, which are made possible by the latest line of beauty products. Each release has been met with a stunning amount of excitement from the loyal base of consumers.


They are affectionately referred to as unicorns, and they provide the company’s founding member, Doe Deere, with the confidence to continue allowing the business to adapt and grow. The new market conditions created a situation where the leadership was passed on to an executive with related industry experience, and the founder will still be serving on the Board of Directors. In this position, she plans to continue inspiring unicorns around the world to enjoy these products and continue to generate new looks.

lime crime's matte velvetines lipstick

New Owners, Continuing Original Mission


Lime Crime began as the creation of the founding members, Doe Deere and her partner, Mark Dumbelton. Together, they innovated a new aesthetic that would take the fashion industry by storm. Success was initially found online, but the products continued to achieve recognition by an increasingly demanding market. Eventually, the brand’s reputation began to spread into areas where new customers could be found. This included retail outlets as well as additional countries around the world. The products are designed to be ethical, and this appeals to the young generation of consumers. These customers are already interested in creating new and exciting looks with Lime Crime makeup and hair products. However, they are also extremely conscious of the way that these products are made. The ability of Lime Crime to market vegan makeup products gives the brand a competitive edge with young people.


Over a decade has passed since the couple founded Lime Crime in 2008. The company has gone through a lot of changes over this period of time, and a new leadership is now planning on taking the organization into the future. Stacy Panagakis will be serving as the new CEO of Lime Crime, and she brings an impressive set of skills from her previous roles in the beauty industry. She previously served as the general manager at the New York based company called Fresh. Her skills were honed in a tough environment where she functioned as an insider within the fashion industry.


She understands the importance of partnering with a strong source of funding, and Tengram Capital Partners fits that role. The acquisition of the beauty brand represents a significant milestone in the history of Lime Crime. This will be a turning point for the makeup company, which is starting to appear in more retail outlets. After the humble beginnings as an online beauty company, this is a massive step towards the fulfillment of the founder’s dream.

Charting the Future of Lime Crime


The company is ready to advance to the next level of success. In 2018, Lime Crime was acquired by Tengram Capital Partners. This represents a significant achievement for the business because the new structure will allow the organization to adapt and grow within the context of a globalized marketplace. Since the early days of the online makeup company, Lime Crime has reached out to inspire consumers to experience beauty as a form of freedom. This mission will continue under the new leadership, and unicorns can expect great things from the company’s future product lines.


Richard Gersten is a partner at Tengram, and he mentioned the importance of the company’s relationship with their customer base. He cited the loyalty of the followers as well as the ability of the company to understand and reflect the values of this base. The expression of beauty now resonates with people who are interested in experiencing new looks without apology. The boldness of the color schemes communicates this to the public.


Lime Crime’s product line has the ability to generate an astonishing level of loyalty with customers. The striking looks can be combined in many different ways. This provides the customer with access to a unique style that stands out from the rest of the crowd. The fashion industry has always been tough, and Lime Crime managed to prove its staying power. By consistently following the original vision for over a decade, the brand is now positioned to generate a buzz with every new product release. Unicorns are known for their commitment to experimentation, innovation and self-expression.


Lime Crime taps into these values and provides the creative products that allow customers to express and create fresh looks. The color palates are useful tools that help customers to pair up different shades that will look great together. The future product lines promise to continue unicorns to express their beauty to the fullest extent possible.

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