Roger Stone Settles $100 Million for Defamation Suit

Recently, President Donald Trump’s ex-advisor was forced to settle $100 million in a defamation lawsuit, after admitting to intentionally spreading lies on the popular news site, InfoWars. The defamation suit sought a settlement for damages due to publishing false and misleading statements on the far-right news and conspiracy theory website.
His settlement and agreement require Roger Stone to publish ads in many national newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, in which he must publicly apologize for defamatory remakes on a Chinese businessman who also happened to be a vocal critic on Beijing. Issuing a public retraction of false statements on social media will also serve to exempt Roger Stone from paying any of the damages he owes to our country.
While unrelated to the Russian probe scandal, this case solidifies accusations and suspicions that Stone played a part in spreading misinformation during the 2016 presidential election in order to sway voters to cast their votes for the Republican candidate, Donald Trump. Robert Mueller is still investigating Stone’s involvement in manipulating stories about key events dealing with the Russian probe.
Roger Stone has long been regarded as a political cloak-and-dagger character, always in the shadows of political controversy, including that which involved the former president, Richard Nixon. He has also been a friend of Donald Trump’s for decades, and his rise to the role of political advisor was no surprise. When his role was relinquished a slew of accusations were brought forth, as expected, and Roger Stone has been under constant fire from American media outlets.
Ultimately, Roger Stone is just one link in a long chain of misconduct currently being investigated by specialist, Robert Mueller. While many will cry out that it isn’t fair or constitutional for Roger Stone to skip out on paying his fine as long as he issues public apologies, whether genuine or not, it is the only punishment Roger Stone will see right now and we should be thankful that there is any justice at all.

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