The Trump Brand Takes A Serious Hit While The President Tears The Government Apart

Donald J. Trump, the ultimate dealmaker, may have to reinvent his worldwide brand when he leaves office. For years, Trump properties were respectable hotel and golf destinations for high rollers around the globe. Staying at a Trump Hotel was a luxurious experience for people who could spend 30 percent more on hotel rooms and food. Trump always charged more for the service his guests enjoyed.

But those days are over, according to an Associated Press article. Trump won the election in 2016, but that win cost the Trump Organization millions in lost hotel and golf revenue. In New York, the Trump name doesn’t mean much. Trump’s properties look old and tired in the Big Apple, and building owners want Trump’s name off their buildings. Trump’s famous golf club in Scotland dropped millions in revenue since he took office. A former Trump Hotel in Panama is now a Marriott, and Trump apartment owners in Las Vegas can’t get what they paid for their apartments when they try to sell them.

The big spenders who can afford the raw business meat the Trump Organization tries to sell them want no part of Trump or his name, according to the Associated Press article. Licensing deals, golf fees, Trump condo prices, and other revenue streams feel the impact of a man who seems to be more John Gotti like than presidential.

The Trump Organization still rakes in more than $450 million a year in revenue in 2018 so no one plans to hold a benefit for the Trump’s now that their rule-breaking capitalistic plan is in federal investigator’s crosshairs. Federal Prosecutors in New York forced Trump to close their foundation recently. Prosecutors still want to know more about Trump businesses. Trump and his family are the focus of 17 investigations by different government agencies and those investigations will continue in 2019. Mr. Trump likes a good fight, but according to the Washington Post, Mr. Trump is in for several 2019 legal battles that make all his other legal battles look like child’s play.

Mr. Trump is a business and political architect who builds without plans and governs without compassion. Those traits play a pivotal role in the destruction of his empire, according to numerous news articles that describe the way Trump does business and the way he leads the country.

President Trump may think he’s the ultimate dealmaker, but some reports say he’s in way over his head in Washington, and the Democrats want to make sure he doesn’t come up for air in 2019.

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