Year: 2018

Pennsylvania Special Election Results a Harbinger for 2018 Mid-Term Elections

The Pennsylvania Congressional special election, in which both party’s political fortunes turn, is so close that analysts are being cautious in calling a winner. Yet, Democrats are already celebrating. Conor Lamb, the Democratic candidate for Congress announced his victory last night with only a 542 vote lead over Republican Rick Saccone. Ninety-nine percent of the

Perry Mandera Uses Warm-Hearted Approach to Giving

Perry Mandera Crafts a Personal Approach to Funding Charity

Perry Mandera uses a proprietary approach to fund his favorite charities, and the approach is making headlines throughout the world. The transportation entrepreneur began business in 1980, sold the business, served as a Republican Ward Committeeman between 1984 and 1988 and founded the Custom Companies, Inc., in 1986. Long committed to taking an active role

As North Korea Remains Silent, Washington Begins Preparations for the Summit in Pyongyang

Officials in Washington are preparing to turn the surprise decision by President Trump to meet Kim Jong Un into a reality. The officials have a limited time to make preparations for a high-stakes summit. They also have to fight the odds of inadequate staffing at the US State Department and an unpredictable commander-in-chief who may

Trump Makes First Trip to California as President

President Trump is scheduled to visit California on Tuesday. It is his first visit to the state since be elected President in 2016. His itinerary includes a Beverly Hills fundraising dinner and a tour to see prototypes under consideration for his proposed border-wall initiative. Trump has had a very contentious relationship with state officials since

Daniel Taub - Ask Reporter

“Religion should have a place at the negotiating table” says Israeli Negotiator Daniel Taub

What place should religion have at the negotiation table in international conflicts? This was the subject of a fascinating masterclass led by Israeli negotiator and ambassador Daniel Taub for an international group of back-channel negotiators. Ambassador Taub, who in addition to serving as Israel’s ambassador to the United Kingdom represented Israel in peace negotiations with

Mueller Reportedly Finds Link Between Kremlin And Trump’s Transition Team

Robert Mueller, the special counsel that was appointed to oversee the investigation into Russia’s tampering with the 2016 presidential election, has acquired would be damning evidence that someone close to President Donald Trump had a meeting with a Russian official days before Trump was inaugurated as president. The meaning is believed to have been scheduled

Texas Democratic Votes In The 2018 Midterm Election Set State Records

The first state-level primary election in the United States 2018 election cycle took place in Texas, with registered voters casting votes on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. Early statistics indicate that more Democratic voters had both registered and cast votes than in any election cycle since at least 2002, at least in terms of midterm primary

North Korea May Abandon Its Nuclear Weapons Program According To South Korea

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un is the Asian version of Donald Trump, according to late night TV talk show hosts. Kim Jong-un is the United States worst nightmare. Trump wants to bring North Korea to its knees while he is in office. The recent sanctions against North Korea are having an impact on the country. Some