Year: 2018

American Spies Who Sought to Retrieve Cyber Threats Paid Kremlin Trump Secrets

After a couple of week s of negotiations that were carried out secretly, a shadowy Russian national got over $100,000 from American intelligence community promising to deliver stolen cyber weapons from the National Security Agency. While negotiating the deal, the Russian citizen alluded that it would include President Trump’s compromising material from his 2016 presidential

Vice President Pence Launches Scathing Attack On West Virginia Senator

United States Vice President Mike Pence is apparently extremely angry with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. The disagreement between the two top-level politicians stems from Manchin voting against a tax bill proposed by President Donald Trump despite what Pence has told others was contrary to an agreement made between himself and Manchin. According

At Least Three Republican Senators Didn’t Go To Washington To Hurt Anyone

Most Americans are feeling the tension in Washington. It’s hard not to question the intentions and the intelligence of the U.S. governing group. The Republicans are in over their heads, and the Democrats are filling the swamp with more bilge water in order to create a Republican breakdown. And that breakdown becomes more apparent every

Donald Trump Offends With Tweet About British Healthcare

United States President Donald Trump’s tendency to test the country’s relationship with its allies showed itself again with an attack via Twitter of Health Services provided to citizens of the UK. In the moments following a segment airing on Fox News explaining the strain that the current winter has placed on the UK system of

Changes Enacted In United States Government On Two Types Of Nuclear Weapons

The United States Pentagon released news of a brand-new policy on holding nuclear arms. It calls for two fashions of nuclear weapons to be assembled and stockpiled by the United States government, in hopes to defend itself, protect its allies, and deter aggression from outside groups and governments in the first place. What Types Of

Washington Levels Accusations against Syria on the Use of Chemical Weapons in East Ghouta

The US government has accused the Syrian regime under the leadership of Bashar al Assad of using chemical weapons to kill hundreds of its citizens. The spokesperson for the US State Department, Heather Nauert stated on Thursday that there were reports of the use of chlorine gas against Syrian nationals in East Ghouta which was