Agera Energy Talks Connection to Success

When customers sign up with Agera Energy, they partner with a trusted energy supplier who has the resources to make informed energy decisions. Agera has been successful at establishing long term relationships with satisfied customers. Below are just some of the reasons and testimonials why customers have chosen Agera as their energy supplier.

Ed Reynolds, Headmaster of Holy Name Central Catholic Junior / Senior High School, where an onsite renewable wind turbine is located, says, “In terms of being our energy supplier I have been very pleased with Agera. In terms of their billing, in terms of their price point, and especially in terms of their service.


“Whenever I need anything, I can contact my sales rep, and she gets back to me immediately. If there’s ever a difficulty with anything I’ve found, her to be extremely responsive as well. What we’ve found at Holy Name High School is that we’ve changed and evolved as our renewable energy technology has evolved. And our demand has changed from a variable rate to a set rate. But one of the things I’ve found advantageous is that we were able to lock in for a six-month period which to me, allows us the flexibility we need in terms of our budget, but at the same time provides budget certainty from year to year.

“If I were to recommend Agera to another school, and in fact I have, I would call to mind their wonderful price point, their flexibility, and their outstanding customer service.”

Celeste Drake, owner of True Value Hardware store in Gardener, MA says, “Agera is a great company for me to work with because they have a great customer service standard that I also expect my staff to have with my customers coming into the store. So, whether I have question about something, or I need explanation about my statements, they’re there for me.


“The biggest benefit for me to work with Agera is the fact that I make an average of ten per cent savings per year. It allows me to take that money and put it back into the business, whether I do that structurally or I take care of my employees in a better way. With Agera, we just transitioned over to a fixed product. We saw the opportunity to make better savings by being locked in to a fixed rate. It will allow me that, for two years, I know just exactly what my bill will be and my budget planning will be much easier having a fixed rate.”


David Schneider, One Restaurant Group (Alley Cats) states, “We own and operate six restaurants in the Cleveland area.and we;’ve been in business for 13 years. Restaurants our gas is going 24/7, electric is always running, so it’s one of our biggest line items. I met with several different companies and I just really like the way that Agera handled their business. It made it easy for me and made me feel comfortable in making the switch. You know, once the next month energy bill came in and we were able to see a savings, we quickly got the rest of our restaurants on board, so that over the course of the year, these savings would start to add up and multiply times per month times each location. When those pennies add up over the course of a year, it really makes a difference. I would definitely recommend switching to Agera. The customer relationship piece that you build. They have your back. The way they just make it easy for you. They take your energy needs off your plate and allow you to focus on running your business.”

“Agera is a fast, dynamic growing company and is willing to work on a one-to-one basis and personal level with all of our customers, large and small. I really want to have that personal relationship with the customer so that they understand I’m with them every step of the way, as Agera Energy is with them every step of the way,” says Tripp Torchia, Regional Director of Channel Partners at Agera Energy. Torchia continues, “We are in the business of developing long-term business relationships so that Agera can be part of our customers business model. We want to offer customized solutions so that they have the right decision-making ability moving forward and they know they have a partner in energy consultation with Agera Energy.”

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