Alex Mascioli the Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund Manager

Alex Mascioli: Hedge Fund Manager

Alex Mascioli is a very respected businessman and investor. He’s also the founder of North Street Capital, an equity and hedge fund firm which specializes in equity and leveraged buyouts. Quantreq Capital Markets is a blockchain spin-off of North Street Capital of which Alex Mascioli is the CEO.

Mascioli was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico on August 30th, 1975. Since then Mascioli has become a respected name in the hedge fund industry. His company, North Street Capital, has had many successful buyouts. One notable thing about the company is that it attempted to buy Winnebago, the prolific motor home company. Mascioli has had many speaking events regarding the industry as well as in regards to cryptocurrency.

Nowadays, Alex Mascioli’s two main focuses are speaking events and cryptocurrency. Mascioli currently serves as the CEO of Quantreq Capital Markets, a cryptocurrency-based hedge fund. The company prides itself in being a traditional approach to a non-traditional market. Quantreq Capital Markets offers a plethora of services for its customers including fund administration and portfolio management.

Quantreq Capital Markets has brought on many Wall Street investors onto its team as well. One member of its team it acquired from Wall Street is David Goldstein who had worked at HSBC for 20 years prior. Another Wall Street addition to Quantreq Capital Markets is Josh Gibson, a former employee of Citibank.

Mascioli feels that the number of Wall Street investors transferring into various cryptocurrency related companies helps give the field more legitimacy. Mascioli also feels this way about the number of big corporations such as Goldman Sachs getting interested in cryptocurrency. Mascioli as a whole is generally bullish on the idea of cryptocurrency.

Quantreq Capital Markets controls more than a billion dollars worth of cryptocurrency investments. The company also has connections with around 15 different cryptocurrency exchange services. Quantreq Capital Markets also has access to seven different OTC exchanges too.

Leaseum Partners, a tokenized real-estate fund based in New York, partnered with Quantreq Capital Markets. Leaseum Partners partnered with the company to help launch its Security Token Offering. Leaseum Partners chose Quantreq Capital Markets because of their track record as well as the two companies’ ambitions aligning. Alex Mascioli was cited by Leaseum Partners to be a very knowledgeable individual in the field.

Outside of being the CEO of Quantreq Capital Markets, Mascioli is also regularly invited to speaking engagements. One of the most prestigious places Alex Mascioli was invited to speak at was Harvard University at a workshop the college was offering based around cryptocurrency.

Another example of a prestigious event Mascioli was invited to was at the North American Fund Administration Association reception. At this event, Mascioli discussed several topics including fund setup, digital asset custody, and many other topics relating to managing cryptocurrency investments.

Mascioli is regularly invited to speak at cryptocurrency events as well as standard hedge fund events. He’s been invited to events across multiple cities including New York City, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Alex Mascioli is a respected name in both of these industries.

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