Belinda Stronach: Shaping the World of Philanthropy

Belinda Stronach: Shaping the World of Philanthropy

Stronach is a native of Newmarket, Ontario, where she was born. She is the daughter of Frank Stronach who is the chairman of Magna International. She graduated from the prestigious Newmarket High School then joined York University for a bachelor’s degree in business and economics. However, Stronach’s interests changed. She joined Magna as an executive.


Belinda Stronach, 52, is an accomplished business professional, philanthropist, as well as a former member of parliament in Canada (2004-2008). She was first elected as a conservative before joining the Liberals. Between 2005 and 2006, she was also the minister for human resources as well as skills development. Additionally, Stronach worked as the minister in charge of democratic renewal in the same government.


Belinda Stronach left the political landscape to serve as the chairman of Magna International. This is one of Canada’s leading manufacturers of automotive parts. In her role, she oversaw all general operations while fostering worldwide customer experience in the company. Stronach left the company in December 2010. Currently, Belinda Stronach is the head of The Stronach Group. She also serves as the executive chairman of Acasta Capital and founder of The Belinda Stronach Foundation, which is a charitable organization based in Canada.

Belinda Stronach’s Contribution and Accomplishment

The World Economic Forum recognized Belinda Stronach for her tremendous contribution to the business world. National Post, as well as Fortune Magazine, also highlighted her input in the industry as one of the most promising leaders. The projections came to reality when she became the CEO of Magna. She succeeded Donald J. Walker. In 2002, she was appointed to serve as the president of the company. In her reign, the company added about 2,000 jobs in Canada.

About Stronach Group

The Stronach Group is a world-class tech-based company that specializes in real estate development as well as entertainment. The company encompasses five main distinct business dockets that are intensely interrelated. They are also supportive of each other. The units include racing and agriculture. Stronach Group owns racetracks in Austria as well as North America. Some of them include thoroughbred and mixed animals. The company also operates the simulcasting venues such as tracks and off-track betting facilities. Some of the firm’s new ventures are such as Xpressbet, which is a wagering business that often allows clients to wager on various horse racing tracks through the internet. Some clients can also wager through their phones.

The Belinda Stronach Foundation

The Belinda Stronach Foundation was founded in 2008. It works with various organizations that support as well as develop innovative social projects for the community aimed at improving health alongside developing youth and women. The organization has collaborated with multiple foundations such as The Economic Club of Canada and The Tony Blair Faith Foundation. The Foundation has also implemented One Laptop per Child Program, which has successfully leveraged more than 2,000 laptops to children from the less fortunate families. With the guidance of Belinda Stronach, the Foundation will continue to support the less fortunate in society.


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