Digital River’s Innovative E-commerce Services


With the e-commerce industry rapidly expanding, a time could come where all transactions are completed with online portals. For retailers and businesses to stay ahead, using companies that offer e-commerce solutions, such as Digital River, can make running an online business smooth and hassle-free.

The company was founded in 1994 and has a skilled executive team. The chief executive officer at the company is Adam Coyle, and the chief of staff is Kathy Tompt. Matthew Reck is the chief financial officer, and Oleg Ryaboy is the chief technology officer.

Digital River has offices around the world that include locations in the United States, Austria, Ireland, Russia, United Kingdom, China, Taiwan, and Japan. Since the company was founded, it has processed more than $30 billion in online transactions. The company has clients that include Amazon, Alibaba, PayPal, and more. It also has many other well-known clients such as Microsoft, Cisco, WebEx, Kaspersky Lab, Adobe, Take-Two Interactive, and more. The team at the company has a reputation of providing their clients with proactive customer service and innovative solutions.

What Services Does the Company Offer?

The company offers a number of services that include MyCommerce, Global Services, Commerce Cloud, and Monetization & Billing. The company also offers digital marketing as a value-added service. One of the biggest benefits the company offers is its capability to make billing and monetization more simple. It isn’t hard for digital transactions to pile up and become overwhelming, but Digital River uses technology to organize data and increase monetization and billing security.

Before the developments in e-commerce, retail businesses were limited to physical and online transaction proximity. With Digital River, clients can take advantage of multi-locale management systems that make it easy to handle online orders from all over the world. The company’s Commerce Cloud was designed with 50 automatically configured locales to make their clients products available to each target market. Each locale is pre-configured with the proper currency, language, payment, tax set up, and fulfillment configurations. It is compatible with 26 languages and 108 currencies.

The company also has the ability to create logistics and fulfillment reports for its clients. Logistics are important for online retailers because they make it easy to handle their inventories. The company has a global network of logistics and warehouse partners to help equip its clients with effective e=commerce tools, which can help manage pre-orders, split shipments, reporting, back orders, and more.

Digital River also offers service to clients that have B2B customers. It doesn’t matter which market that a business operates in, the international commerce team at the company can collect, reconcile, monitor bank rates, and make deposits into an account.

Many smartphone apps use micro-transactions. Since these apps first became popular, the team at Digital River has worked diligently to offer their clients an efficient way to deal with in-app transactions. This service provides app developers with the ability to monetize their work more easily. The company also offers a variety of e-commerce subscriptions, recurring billing tools, and consumption models that give their clients and upper edge.

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