Huawei Proves Indoor 5G Possible

By September, Shanghai’s Hongqiao Railway Station is set to become the world’s first railway hub to have indoor 5G coverage. Since 5G uses high frequencies, therefore, it’s difficult to cover indoor areas and Huawei’s 5G DIS is the only product available for commercial use indoors today. The ultra-fast 1.2Gbps peak rate, provided in cooperation with China Mobile Shanghai, is just one of the innovative technologies available to China’s railway customers.

Huawei Technology is scoring numerous victories over U.S. efforts to encourage intelligence sharing allies to ban Huawei’s equipment. The US maintains they have very real national security concerns; claiming Huawei’s equipment has a back door which China’s government could exploit. Beijing and Huawei both dispute the US allegations. Despite recent US attempts to sanction Huawei by threatening to forbid them from buying US-made parts, the company is the second largest supplier of smartphones after Samsung in the world.

Huawei’s troubles include the US Justice Department accusing the company of stealing trade secrets in January and Polish authorities accusing a of spying in the same month. In December 2018, Canada arrested the company’s CFO, Meng Wanzhou, on behalf of the US, which is accusing her of dodging US sanctions on Iran. To deal with their recent PR issues, Huawei recently invited journalists from Europe to their new campus in Dongguan, which is nothing like a US technology company’s office complex. There are 10 blocks, each with a separate business unit modeled after an old European-style city.

The Hongqiao Railway Station is just one of Huawei’s 30 5G commercial contracts. The company plans to show its foldable 5G Huawei Mate X smartphone at the 2019 Mobile World Congress. Despite US pressure, India and Germany are considering partnering with Huawei. The UK, one of America’s close allies, examines the company’s equipment for security flaws before allowing its use, saying they will continue to do so until the US provides evidence of malevolent activity.

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