Justin Dearborn’s Business Success

Justin Dearborn is a 49-year-old American businessman whose success is attributed to his many achievements and business expertise. He was born in 1971 and received a bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University and a Juris Doctor degree from the DePaul University College of Law. He built his career with great amounts of experience at different places of employment, and he ended up being the head and leader of different companies because of his stellar qualifications.

Justin Dearborn began his career at Motorola, an American multinational telecommunications company, and later worked for Click Commerce, a research software solutions company. He then went on to work for Merrick Ventures, a private equity firm, as managing director and general counsel. During the time that IBM merged with Merge Healthcare for one billion dollars, Justin Dearborn served as chief executive officer from August 2013 to October 2015. In 2016, he ended up being appointed as chief executive officer of Tronc, a newspaper company, and then became its chairman in March of 2018.

When he started as CEO of Tronc, the company’s newspapers were looking at great financial disaster, experiencing constant waves of layoffs. As of August 2018, Justin Dearborn owned more than 125,000 units of Tronc stock and was worth over three million dollars. In addition, he made over one million dollars as CEO and chairman at Tronc. Despite his mountains of success, it didn’t come without struggles. His tenure at Tronc was rocky and difficult because of a series of clashes between Tronc and a Southern California newspaper. After these events, Dearborn stepped down as chairman and chief executive officer of Tronc in January of 2019.

After he stepped down, he joined the talent agency named ICM Partners as chief executive officer. He joined another former Tronc executive who is also at ICM, Cindy Ballard. She was hired as head of human resources in 2018. Chris Silbermann, ICM’s managing director, claimed that Justin Dearborn is, “a vital part of managing what we see is a clear path for sustainable internal growth.” Dearborn is now responsible for ICM’s day-to-day business operations and reports to Silbermann.

“Chris and the board have a great vision for their future, and I look forward to working with them to implement their aggressive and attainable strategic plan with a fresh view of growth opportunities,” said Dearborn about his new opportunity at ICM.

Aside from his work life, he has multiple properties in Naples, Florida, and Winnetka that are for sale at considerable prices, worth millions of dollars. He also has a wife named Angela.


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