How Lumosity Improves Your Brain

Luminosity is a fun game that trains your brain. Luminosity was created by professional game creators and scientist. There are more than 60 games in the Luminosity training. The creators of this game worked with scientist in order to design different games that help with your cognitive skills. The games are exciting, fun, and challenging. The design features that are in the games are engaging to people of all ages.

How Does Luminosity Work?

The sign-up for Luminosity is easy and free. All that you have to do is download the application on your device. After the application is downloaded, you will play a few games in order to get your cognitive baseline. Next, Luminosity will create a series of games based on your cognitive test. Apart from that, you can see how your scores compare to other individuals who are in your age range.

How Did the Scientist Get Their Data?

Scientist worked with designers to find games that would work with cognition. Cognition deals with attention, flexibility, problem-solving memory, speech, mathematics, and language. Scientists conducted a series of test on over 4500 participants. Some of the participants trained with Luminosity, and the rest did crossword puzzles. After researching for several weeks, the researchers found that the groups that worked with Luminosity improved more of their cognitive skills. This shows that training with Luminosity can indeed improve a person’s cognitive function. There were more than 100 researchers from all around the world who worked on this unique game. These are experts who work with human cognition.

What Is the Goal of Luminosity?

Luminosity is a game that offers free training, online cognitive assessments, and online surveys for participants. This is a game that helps you to have a healthier brain. It is like a workout for your brain. Just like any other part of your body, your brain needs to be kept engaged. When your brain is healthy, it is able to retain information and you feel happier and you will sleep better. The mission of Luminosity is to advance the understanding of human brain cognition. There are millions of people who use Luminosity all around the world, and the information that is collected from this game is helping researchers to better understand the human brain. If researchers are interested in collaborating in this ground-breaking research, they are encouraged to contact Luminosity in order to collaborate with them in their quest for more understanding of the human brain.

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