Megachurch Pastor Perry Noble Starts a New Church

Perry Noble, Second Chance Church

Perry Noble gained a great deal of fame as the pastor of NewSpring church, a Baptist megachurch in the South Carolina town of Anderson. For several years, he addressed tens of thousands of parishioners each week through the use of technology that allowed him to stream his messages to 11 satellite churches as well as online. At his peak, his sermons were watched by about 40,000 people every week. Eventually, he parted ways with NewSpring, which became the largest church in the South Carolina Baptist Convention under his leadership, and went on to found Second Chance Church, as well as the Growth Company.

Perry Noble was born in June of 1971, and a tragedy in his childhood had a deep impact upon his eventual career. When he was 12 years old, his beloved mother died of cancer, and this trauma gave him an aversion to hospitals that lasted well into adulthood. Even after he became a pastor and needed to make hospital visits, walking those sterile halls gave him flashbacks to the days when he was watching his mother waste away, and it was a great struggle for him to put himself in that position. As a megachurch pastor, though, his primary focus was on crafting sermons that he could deliver to many people at once.

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In April of 2000, Perry Noble married a woman named Lucretia, who gave birth to a baby named Cherisse in June of 2007. Perry and Lucretia would remain together for ten years after that, but they divorced in November of 2017, and the dissolution of his marriage was a part of what led to the shift in career directions for him. At NewSpring, his family troubles brought him under fire from other pastors in the congregation, and he also made some waves with some controversial comments that he made dealing with the Hebrew language and with race relations.

Perry Noble has admitted to struggling with alcoholism and being racist throughout his childhood and early adulthood as a result of his lack of exposure to black people. However, he has gone on to share how his love for Christ inspired him to see the beauty and dignity in every person, no matter what their background. In addition to his pastoral duties, Noble has spent much of his time writing. He is the published author of several books, including:

He continues to inspire thousands of people a week with his heartfelt messages. To read these messages and to stay up to date with Perry Noble, follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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