Amit Kleinberger Made His Dream Of Success Come True As An Entrepreneur

Amit Kleinberger works out of Encino as the CEO of one of the largest frozen yogurt franchises in the world, Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt. Amit has operated as the company’s Chief Executive Officer since 2008, and today, the Menchie’s yogurt chain has more than 370 stores spread out around the world. Menchie’s are a huge success with a wide variety of different flavors and toppings ranging from fruits to candies.

One of the first inspirations that Amit Kleinberger found to reach for a successful career in business was the movie, The Secret of My Success. Although this film was focused on the corporate world in New York City during the ’80s, it sparked Amit’s interest in business while growing up in Jerusalem. Even though he was young, Amit Kleinberger was determined to work on his entrepreneurial skills, and he started by selling party supplies to other students during the holidays at his middle school. As an eleven-year-old, Amit was able to make decent money from what he would call his very first business.

By the time Amit Kleinberger turned 18 years old, he decided to enlist in the Israeli Defence Forces. According to him, he was intrigued by the concept of the military and the leadership skills that were required to run such a strict and demanding force. For three years, Amit served in the military as a combat unit sergeant, and it was during this time that he learned what he considers the most effective way to lead from his commander at the time, which is by example.

Amit came out of the military and in the early years of 2000, he decided to move to Santa Monica. At first, he enrolled in college at Santa Monica and he was focused on the idea that he might become an attorney. Fortunately for Amit, though unfortunate for his academic career, he started up a business focused on selling cellphone equipment that started doing very well very quickly. In no time at all, Amit was making close to if not more money than he would have made if he became a defense attorney. Because of this, Amit dropped out of college and dedicated himself 100 percent to growing his business.

Since the time of selling cellphone equipment, Amit Kleinberger has owned and sold several different businesses until taking over as CEO for Menchie’s. The very first store opened in 2007 and Amit and his wife were the first to join the franchise by taking over the first location in Encino. In just a matter of several years, Menchie’s has gone from a single operation to several hundred stores and several hundred more expected in the coming years. Menchie’s are all over the US, with more than 50 stores spread out in California alone, and they employ more than 5000 people from their locations in more than 20 countries worldwide.

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