Ben Melkman Ventures Out And Starts Light Sky Macro LP

Ben Melkman began his investment career in the UK. Melkman received his education from the School of Economics in London where he graduated with honors. London School of Economics focuses on finances, accounting, and legal teachings. The institution has been recognized for its educational achievements. The economics and social science school is linked to 16 winners of the Nobel Prize. Some of the winners were educators on the staff, and some were graduates. Ben Melkman has also played an active role as a trustee for a global college organization.

He worked for Morgan Stanley for five years as the executive director. Morgan Stanley is a company that operates in various financial arenas. Including banking and investing. Morgan Stanley has an investment style that speaks to individual investors as well as large institutions. Their business model believes in preserving capital and alongside a steady building in wealth.

After Morgan Stanley, Ben went on to Brevan Howard where he worked as a portfolio manager for over seven years. While at Brevan Howard, he worked at the Geneva office in Switzerland. Brevan Howard is a global macro fund manager that has offices located around the world, including several in the United States and one in Hong Kong. Brevan Howard balances risk with rewards in many of its investment niches.

At Switzerland, he made some important investments that not too many other hedge fund managers saw. He focused some of his interest on the South American country of Argentina. The country had some instability for many years, and they did default on their bonds on two separate occasions. The country defaulted first in 2007 and again eight years later.

The political landscape in Argentina changed in 2015. The people got a new leader, who showed to have enormous financial faith in his country and countryman. The new leader felt that Argentina should sell bonds again even with their less-than-stellar standings in the financial markets. It was a gamble for the country and leader to take considering its shaky past in the international economic markets.

Ben Melkman studied the leader and his bond program and felt that this time Argentina would pull through. He used his schooling and previous skills developed from his other hedge fund jobs to help him determine that this was indeed a good investment for his company to make. Ben Melkman invested hundreds of millions and was not surprised that in 2016 the fund from Argentina returned more than 15%.

The success for Ben Melkman gave him what he needed to start his own hedge fund. He ventured out and began Light Sky Macro LP just after he finished working at Brevan Howard and on the heels of his success with the Argentina bonds.

In 2017, he began Light Sky Macro LP. He and two other main partners were you able to raise over $1.5 billion. Light Sky is still in its infancy as a macro hedge fund, but under Ben Melkman’s powerful experience and with his knowledge base the fund is bound to have a bright future. Light Sky Macro LP is located in New York.

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