Breaking Barriers In The Hedge Fund World: Mina Gerowin

Mina Gerowin has proved to be a powerful investor in the world of hedge fund managing. In 2007, the financial markets of the United States and around the globe had become unstable. Even in financial crisis, Mina Gerowin contributes to her company Paulson & Co. Paulson & Co. is an investment firm in the United States that specializes in international mergers, developing strategies for credit, and arbitrage events. Mina Gerowin was part of the force that kept the hedge fund stable through the financial hurricane of the mid-2000s.

She earned her education at Harvard, but it did not start there. Previously, Gerowin attended the University of Virginia where she thought her class work would eventually lead her to a life in law field, but as she continued in Virginia, she found a knack for editing. The Virginia Journal of International College persuaded her to become an editor for their publications, which focused on investments in foreign companies and regulations. This was the start of Mina’s career in the world of finances, international business, and investments.

While in college, Mina Gerowin was involved in several rolls that developed her leadership qualities. In addition to working on the journal, she pursued other activities that were outside her comfort zone, but ultimately she was able to master.

When Mina Gerowin left Harvard, she worked her way up through the ranks in the hedge fund industry. Early in her career, she was able to break the glass ceiling and get into vice-presidency. During this time, it was very rare for a female to hold that position. Gerowin was clearly showing that she had in-depth knowledge of the financial world and international business.

Eventually, she moved to London to work in the European branch of Paulson & Co. Gerowin was entrenched in the business of assets that were distressed and using investments that revolved around credit. While in Europe, she was recognized as a female leader in the world of hedge funds. Back in America, her hard work did not go unnoticed either because the Dow Jones recognized her as one of the top 50 females in the hedge fund industry also.

Mina Gerowin is certainly turning heads in a world of hedge funds and financial investments. She is a leading female force in the field and may be soon be inspiring young women who are looking for a career in finances or the hedge fund industry around the world.

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