Delta Dental Of California And Philips Oral Health Forge Partnership To Improve Oral Health

On March 20, 2019, Philips Oral Healthcare division and Delta Dental of California along with its affiliates announced that they are working together to promote and enhance oral health. The two titans in dental industry aim to extend their expertise and launch studies in a shared vision of building oral hygiene health and wellness and integrated insurance within an associated environment of at home care, dental care, and coverage that will cater to a wide variety of needs.

The newly forged partnership will anchor on Delta Dental of California’s extensive knowledge of the dynamics of provider-enrollee; relationships established in certain demographics; and role as one of the country’s leading insurance provider along with Philip’s comprehensive knowledge about consumer behavior and needs; and proficiency in health technology. The partnership is currently doing joint studies to over 2000 individuals to further understand the health benefits that could result in oral health behavior changes. The insights gathered from the current research will enable both organizations to provide new options for consumers and employers.

Mike Castro, chief executive officer and president of Delta Dental of California said that the in pursuing their mission of leveling up oral health and wellness, the company understands that access to oral care can be improved in various ways. The CEO added that they would like to provide customers with the proper tools for their oral health and offer new ways to promote preventive behavior for their everyday lives. At the time when advances in technology are boundless, people would like to advance their wellness.

The new partnership will provide shared resources, knowledge and advanced drive to equip people to enhance their oral health, the Delta Dental of California’s president said. Meanwhile, Philips Oral Health’s Global Business Leader Michael Kuhne commented that Philips listens, uncovers, and experiments since it is a tech company that cares about people. The company would like to provide meaningful advances that will encourage people to live healthier and well and as much as possible enjoy their lives.

The business leader explained that the new partnership will enable them to achieve vital insights and allow them to develop products that will mirror actual consumer utilization and the results of their behavior. By continuously evolving the products, the partnership will foster in the creation and development of better oral hygiene practices through incentives. The company can offer the necessary tools the customers’ need to maximize their oral health wellness and their entire well-being, Kuhne said.

Currently, at its pilot stage, BrushSmart, the pioneering program of the collaboration is intended to enhance oral health by gauging the connection between oral health and sonic brushing technology. Through the evaluation of brushing surveys and data from the participants of the program, Delta Dental and Philips can find connections between health outcomes and behaviors.

About Delta Dental of California
It is one of the largest dental program plans in the US. Delta Dental Plans Association is consists of 39 separate Delta Dental member companies across the 50 states of the US, Puerto Rico, and District of Columbia. These affiliate companies offer coverage to more than 120,000 groups that have over 68 million members.

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