LOGS Network: Providing Unique Needed Services To Creditors

LOGS Network is a structured business built to help creditors with legal issues. The business began in the early 70s, and since then, their legal team has helped creditors by protecting their rights and guiding them through the legal mazes across many states. The company’s focus is to protect their clients and protect them with the umbrella of the law. LOGS Network understands due diligence and how to apply it to every legal situation, such as foreclosures and evictions. Some of the other real estate transactions they deal with include property titles and closing issues.

LOGS Network has a foreclosure process that takes care of the title issues, any mediation involved, mitigating loss, and finally ending up as real estate owned back to the creditor. Eviction services are just as complete as the foreclosure ones for the LOGS Network team. Eviction laws vary from state-to-state, so it is important to have legal counsel that is versed in each areas practicality. LOGS Network operates in over 30 states. Staff also assists title officers on behalf of their underwriters. We can participate in the closings of residential property and be there as the legal backbone for the officers.

Gerald Shapiro is one of the co-founders of LOGS Network. He realized that creditors had a tremendous need for counsel, so he used entrepreneurial skills and developed a business that focused on their complicated needs. He was able to grow the business in the real estate industry, which now in compasses evictions in foreclosure processes as well as preparing property documents for successful closings.

The other co-founder is David Kreisman. The two partners have collaborated to bring the company to the forefront of legal preparations and services for creditors in many fields. Real estate is only one area that the business is proficient in. They also offer services in litigations, bankruptcy, and repossession. The litigation services can be anything from trials all the way to the appellate levels. The team is knowledgeable in a variety of issues that many creditors will come across at both their state and federal levels. Members are also prepared to handle bankruptcies that involve home liens or cars. These types of bankruptcies can be anything from chapter 7 through 13. The bankruptcy cases can cross state lines as is often common in these situations. If there is an automobile repossession involved, the team of legal professionals can help the creditor manage the steps in a timely and orderly fashion. The cases can involve cars, trucks, mobile homes, farm equipment, and other mechanical devices used as leverage.

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