Pilot Freight Services Moves Dreams Across The Globe

Pilot Freight Services is a company that moves and ships products with a focus on customer service and timely delivery. Pilot has seen many changes since it has been in business. They began in the seventies. It has gone through many structural, management, ownership and technology changes, but it has withstood the test of time and accumulated many happy customers. In addition to clients, the business has reached millions in revenue and has been able to add on to their corporation. In the late 90s, the company earned its ISO certification. The certificate means the management has performed at high levels and the business has met all regulatory guidelines.

Pilot Freight Services offers transportation solutions for businesses. This type of shipping is a specialty because packers and movers need to work around office hours, which often involves working nights, weekends, and holidays. Pilot Freight Services has expertise in moving medical equipment, including items for a doctor, chiropractic, or dentistry practice. They are also experienced in moving all aspects of traditional offices, and the staff stays in constant communication, so you know where your items are in the packing and moving process.

Shipping for commerce is another area that management has focused on and refined. All consumer businesses know they need to have a reliable carrier, and Pilot has focused on its customer service in this arena. Businesses depend upon their packages being at their customer’s doorstep when they promised it, so knowing this aspect, Pilot works hand-in-hand with commerce companies. The features that they offer both small and large business owners is the ability for them and their customers to track the package. That process works via an online system. It appears to be a simple tracking program to the business and client, but to Pilot, it is sophisticated technology that they monitor.

Pilot Freight Services has a network of international partners so that they can deliver fresh food. The company has developed worldwide partners that assist in getting the fresh items to their destination in the condition that they left. They do this by utilizing climate monitoring shipping and storage containers while moving at a swift rate. Efficiency is crucial in this type of move, so it is critical to have an established link of communication and trained and prepared staff.

If you are shipping products internationally, you may need help with clearing customs. Pilot Freight Services has a dedicated department that focuses on getting your items quickly through customs. Clearing customs involves documentation as well as knowledge of the inner workings of the process. Depending on your shipment, there are several United States government entities that will require clearance and our members are experienced in all of them. Some of the agencies Pilot has dealt with are the Food and Drug Administration, the US Agricultural Department, and the transportation department.

Pilot Freight Services is proud of the team that it has acquired, including management, the pilots, the packers, and the ground crew. Recently, they were acknowledged and named as a shipper of the year. Their services span from North America across Europe to Asia and include every sort of product imaginable from a handmade birthday present to fresh fish.

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