Roger H. Kimmel: Attorney, Investment Banker, And College Professor

Traversing different career paths is not common for a business executive, and most of them stay on the same path for the entirety of their careers. Roger H. Kimmel has taken the time to apply his various talents in different ways for many high-end companies across the country for decades. Roger has tried his hand in several different scenes, including investment banking, high-end attorney, and college professor. The career that Roger H. Kimmel has been able to build is great, but he has also used his expertise to help others build knowledge and their very own careers as well.

These days, Roger H. Kimmel is focusing his talents at Rothschild Inc, a prominent investment banking company located in New York City. As the company’s acting vice president, Roger handles important company operations, including corporate governance, private transactions, and managing shareholder concerns. Through his position at Rothschild, Roger has become a consultant for various other companies on the market, both directly and indirectly. Rothschild has no doubt brought a newfound level of success to Roger’s career, but it has also been a valuable experience for him as an advisor and consultant.

Earlier on in his career before joining Rothschild in 2001, Roger H. Kimmel was working as a corporate attorney. Latham & Watkins hired Roger as a law partner in charge of capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, federal and federal regulations, and financial security. Roger spent five years working as a partner for Latham & Watkins before leaving of his own will to try and experience something new.

Again, most business executives find themselves in the same position or on the same path for their whole careers. Many of these people are even content with doing so for decades, but Roger H. Kimmel feels that there are many interesting career options out there to explore that will give him life satisfaction beyond his successful career. Over the past two decades, Roger has taken up board positions at various organizations in nutrition, pharmaceuticals, software development, and even motion picture.

Despite his other commitments as an executive and active consultant, Roger Kimmel also stands in as a guest professor at the University of Virginia Law School, the same university where he received his own law degree. Roger Kimmel is an expert in corporate law, and as such he focuses on topics regarding board leadership, company governance, and corporate governance, both public and private.

Roger H. Kimmel sees himself exploring various opportunities that come his way in the future, whether it is as an executive, speaker, attorney, or educator. His reputation as an executive for corporations like Rothschild, PG&E, and Endo International has already made him a target for many conferences and events as a panel figure.

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