Amerifreight Takes The Challenge Out Of Moving Vehicles

Amerifreight helps consumers research options for moving their vehicles across the United States. Whether you are moving for a promotion or downsizing to your forever home, our company can get your auto to your next destination. We are not carriers or transporters. We do not load the cars or drive the trucks. Our business is centered on helping people make the best choice for their situation. We connect carriers with people that need them. What makes our business model unique is we can help you learn about the process of moving cars, what happens, and what you are responsible for. Most people make a big move once or twice in their life, so they do not know the carrier business, and they should not be expected to.

At Amerifreight, we breakdown the process into steps. The first step is deciding which vehicles you are going to be taking with you. We can arrange for more than just minivans and cars. We can get your motorcycles, boats, and any type of recreational vehicle to your new destination. It does not matter what kind of RV you have either. It can be a fifth-wheel trailer, a pull-behind camper, or a motorhome, and we can accommodate any boats from long sailboats to a floating pontoon.

After you have decided how many vehicles you will need shipped, it is time to get some prices. Prices can be all over the map, and sometimes, all of the details are not added into the initial estimate, and owners can be surprised at the final bill. Covered shipping will cost more, but the cost may not matter if you are transporting an expensive car. Exposed transportation will not be as expensive, but there is always the chance damage could occur from passing vehicles, road debris, or weather.

You might be wondering if the carrier is going to cover any damage that may occur during transport. The answer is not black and white, and it varies from carrier to carrier. It will be spelled out in the fine print on the final contract, but some things to look for are the damage caused by acts of nature clause. Read the agreement to see what exactly do they deem acts of nature to be. Usually, this encompasses flooding, hail, and windstorms, but there can always be other conditions.

Amerifreight can help you with these gaps in insurance. We offer a policy that protects you from the loopholes in their contract. Our protection policy will also cover you after you receive the auto. Most transport companies will have you sign a release form once you pick up or they deliver the vehicle. Anything that happens after that is not their problem. You could find out something happened during transport, but you were not able to detect it when you first saw your car, motorcycle, boat, or RV. Amerifreight buys you some time to thoroughly check out your vehicle once you get it from the carrier.

Amerifreight is a brokerage firm that specializes in helping people find the best carrier and the best deal to move all of their vehicles.

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