Cactus Feeders: Feeding A Hungry World

Feeding a hungry world is the mission of Cactus Feeders, one of the nation’s most influential protein providers. Family, friends, and neighbors are those who this company plans on feeding with the highest quality animal protein that it can produce. With daily attention to producing nutritious and safe products, Cactus Feeders is taking an innovative approach to higher quality nourishment.

Cactus Feeders focuses solely on providing animal-based protein in the form of beef and pork products. With a mission to make all these beef and pork products accessible to the nation, Cactus Feeders now is reponsible for 1 out of every 25 cattle fed in the United States. That’s a lot of beef being produced by this one company. Looking more in the specifics as far as data goes, you may just be surprised at how big this company based in Amarillo, Texas is.

Each week, this company produces over 12 million pounds of beef. This boneless red meat comes from around 20 thousand cattle held by the firm. In addition, they produce about 2 million pounds of bacon, ham, and other pork products each week. This pork production is supplied by around 14 thousand market hogs which are raised and fed at this company’s various facilities. Assuming each serving is around four ounces, this is equivalent to over 56 million meals produced each week by Cactus Feeders. The impact this company has on the meat market is huge, to say the least.

The innovation of this company doesn’t stop there either. They consider the whole picture of the agricultural market. They know that no matter how great their product is, consumers still need to be able to afford it. This is why their focus is on constantly improving their facilities with the latest technologies to ensure most of what their head eats, they can turn into high-quality beef and pork. The more they can supply the market, the more they can help to offset the increased demands on supply that are expected over the next ten years. This all translates to affordable beef and pork prices for those who need it.

Sustainability is another factor that the masters at Cactus Feeders are concerned with. They consider this term to encompass their ability to continually feed the growing population. This involves developing, taking action, and becoming a better overall meat producer in the global sector. Since global demands on food are expected to rise by 100 percent over the next 30 years according to the Food And Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, being able to create more food with limited resources is a growing challenge.

By improving the efficiency of its technology and allocated resources, this company is making strides to supplement the increased food demands that are growing each and every day. They’re looking at advancements in production, research, and animal health, all while ensuring a decrease in the amount of waste produced during the overall process. When it comes to food companies that are working to feed a hungry world, there aren’t many surpassing the efforts of this one.

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