Justin Theroux Talks Thrilling New TV Role

If there’s anything one could say about Justin Theroux’s career, it’s that it has been unconventional. The handsome actor got his big break in David Lynch’s masterpiece Mulholland Drive, but he has distinguished himself in other ways. Working on screenplays for some of the biggest hits in Hollywood, Theroux has proven that he is so much more than a stereotypical movie star. Hailing from a family of writers, he always seems to understand the ways in which a storyteller can engage an audience. And his most recent riveting onscreen performance, as Dr. James Mantleray on Netflix’s “Maniac”, has managed to get audiences buzzing once again.

At a recent FYSEE Emmy event for “Maniac”, Justin Theroux discussed his character’s eccentricities alongside castmate Emma Stone. The unassuming thespian went on to detail his amusement at some of the scenes involving his relationship with a wig and also stated that he had an appreciation for his character’s vanity. Throughout the question and answer session, it was obvious that even the normally staid Emmy voters were incredibly charmed by Theroux’s interpretation of the mad scientist Mantleray’s ultimate motivations. Boasting virtual reality devices and all manner of interesting plot twists, Theroux’s most recent theatrical endeavor seems to have enthralled audiences everywhere. Of course, it’s no surprise that he has many fans. With so many cult classics under his belt, this talented performer has been able to move from behind the camera to in front of the camera with ease.

It’s also worth noting that Theroux has put his celebrity to good use in recent years, partnering with causes and organizations that he truly believes in. On National Dog Rescue Day, he took to Instagram to highlight the plight of Spot, an adorable dog that desperately needed a home. Working with Austin Pets Alive!, Theroux tagged a bunch of celebrity friends in the post, hoping to get adoption inquiries going for the sweet pooch. Indeed, it would seem that Theroux manages to transition seamlessly from dog dad to Met Gala glitterati. Some of his other recent Instagram posts include pics with famous pals at the most famous fashion event on the planet. Sporting Louis Vuitton for the occasion, Theroux undoubtedly thrilled many of his most hardcore fans.

Most recently, Theroux has found time to help out pal Amy Sedaris on the second season of her sketch show, “At Home with Amy Sedaris”. In the comedy bit, Sedaris plays a woman who is fixing up her closet when she runs into Theroux. It turns out that his character is a deceased sea captain who boasts a knack for decorating as well. Eventually, of course, the two characters end up falling madly in love. This is not, however, Theroux’s first appearance on the show. Last year, he played an astronaut who seemed upset that he could not partake in certain earthly activities. With a talent for screenwriting, sketch comedy and everything in between, it would appear that Theroux’s career is flourishing.

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