Nadler Throws A Contempt Charge In Barr’s Lap

Now that Joe Biden has the Democratic machine behind him, all the old Democrats decided to come out and play politics. Joe pissed Trump off when he got the firefighters PAC to back him. Trump called the leaders of the union things his mama won’t be proud of. Mr. Trump also told the union he still has the support of union members. He said Joe Biden is too sleepy and sneaky for them.

Joe does have a few blunders in his voting record. Bernie Sanders let people know his record matches his message. Joe’s message is that old we’ll slip it to the voters later when they’re not looking. He still has the Democratic money-vipers to deal with and they don’t want Joe to mess up all insurance companies’ profits.

Hillary Clinton is back from her fact-finding mission with husband Bill. Hillary wanted to do what Joe just did, but then she realized she could more harm to Mr. Trump by just being Hillary. The Hillary that lives in Trump’s mind, according to the former first lady. Mrs. Clinton thinks Trumps uses her name all the time to take some media pressure off of him.

Mr. Trump does obsess over Clinton. He blames her for the Russian debacle and her illegal private email server. But he gives Obama credit for letting the Russians make a deal with him. If Obama stopped the Russian interference, Trump’s subversive mission to attach itself to Russia’s coattails would be just a dream. Some dreamers say Obama knew Trump would jump in bed with the Russians. He knew the Department of Justice would slap the cuffs on Trump. But what Obama forgot was the Trumpster has a master’s degree in lawsuits.

Clinton didn’t say she would impeach Trump. She wants people to know what the unredacted version of the Mueller report has in store for them and Mr. Trump before they hog-tie the president.

Attorney General Bill Barr got coldcocked by Senator Miro Hirono at the Senate Judiciary hearing. Hirono didn’t flinch when she called Barr a liar. Kamala Harris got under Bill’s skin when she put Barr in a verbal legal corner. Lindsey Graham, the chairmen, and Trump’s main ass kisser defended Barr. But it was a tough day for Mr. Barr on Capitol Hill.

Barr decided not to attend the Congressional Judiciary hearing. He still had bruises from Hirono and Harris. Plus, he wasn’t about to let a bunch on Congressional lawyers ask him why he’s a Trump toy.

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