North Korea Wants The Wise Honest Back

The Chinese gave Trump something to think about when they slapped American farmers with a $60 billion tariff threat. Mr. Trump wants to apply constant pressure on the Chinese until they sign his trade agreement, but the Chinese say they won’t sign until Trump plays fair. Mr. Trump’s next move is additional tariffs. He’ll put additional tariffs on all Chinese merchandise that enters the United States.

The impact of the tariffs won’t happen overnight. But when people need a pair of new running shoes or they want to buy furniture and other Chinese products that are part of American culture they will pay more for them during the holiday season.

Trump’s tariffs will slow down the U.S. economy, and the tariffs will put more farmers out of business. The new Chinese tariffs will hurt farmers more than the first round of tariffs. Trump told the farmers he’ll give them another $15 billion to ride out his tariff storm. But the government handout won’t help them grow their businesses. Trump gave farmers $12 billion after the first rounds of tariffs. But farmers don’t want more handouts. They want Trump to sign a trade deal that helps them make a decent living.

Mr. Trump’s foreign policy decision has the world on edge. The Middle East could erupt at any time thanks to Trump’s decision to send a fleet of warships to the area. The White House told the press the warships are there to protect the U.S. and its allies from Iran.

But European news reports say Trump and Netanyahu want to push Iran into a missile war. But Iran won’t retaliate using missiles against Trump’s warships. The experts say Iran will use their militia located in other parts of the world to teach Trump a lesson.

The president wants to Bill Barr to investigate the FBI for spying on him during the 2016 campaign. He wants to take some of the heat off of all the investigations that have him seeing red when he wakes up every morning. The FBI didn’t spy on the Trump campaign. FBI Director James Comey wanted to know why the Trump campaign and the Russians were exchanging information, according to the Washington Post.

Kim Jon Un is ready to give Trump some of his real missile firing punishment if he doesn’t get his sanction-breaking cargo ship, the Wise Honest back. Trump snatched the ship after Kim fired his last rounds of short-range missiles. Mr. Kim said Trump committed an illegal act of robbery. He also said Trump reneged on the agreement they signed over a year ago.

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