Paul Mampilly Advises Investors in A.I. and Living Technology

Paul Mampilly on why "AI Is Disruptifying Medicine"

With new technology appearing every day, many are wondering why artificial intelligence has not taken over more sectors. Indeed, some of the people most desperate for technology are seniors who could live much fuller and healthier lives with the assistance of artificial intelligence, particularly when it comes to health care. Some technology has started growing in the medical sector, such as medication reminders and online charting. However, not everyone is on board yet, and not everyone who is interested in this technology is able to access it. The reason for this is quite simple. Appropriate financing is simply not yet in place.

This has been a major challenge for some years now, as more people are eager to access the medical necessities and care that they need but are unable to do so because of inadequate financing. There are all kinds of ways that the U.S. healthcare system could improve, but this is perhaps one of the most dire. With the assistance of AI, people everywhere could be experiencing incredible benefits—but unfortunately, those benefits will continue to be out of reach unless there is a major sea change in how AI, healthcare, providers, and patients interact on a regular basis.

Paul Mampilly is one person who sees this need and is rising to the occasion. While he was once a Wall Street insider, he is now an all-American investor and a source of hope to many who are looking for true financial success from the stock market. He has an exciting story that has filled hundreds of Americans with hope that things can one day be different for them as well.

In fact, Paul’s story is an inspiring tale of how a dedication to pursuing goals can lead to massive success without giving up personal ideals or morals. Paul has long maintained a strict code of ethics throughout his dealings in the financial sector and beyond, and it speaks to his belief that doing things the right way without ever cutting corners is the surest path to a fulfilled, successful and joyful life. But where did Paul come from when he burst onto the investing scene years ago, and how has that history informed his work as someone who seeks to spread helpful and valuable investing information to people from all backgrounds and walks of life?

Paul was actually born in India, but once he came to the United States, he swiftly became involved on Wall Street after graduating with a BBA in finance and accounting from Montclair State University and an MBA from Fordham Gabelli School of Business. On Wall Street, he quickly grew his knowledge, experience and profitability, later being hired to manage money for such well-known accounts as ING and Deutsche Bank. Eventually, he managed a multi-billion dollar hedge fund, quickly raising its worth by over 26%. This impressive figure earned him acclaim, fame, and even major investing awards throughout the industry. This was when his profile truly began to take off, and be began to enjoy greater and greater opportunities as a result of his proven skills and ability to make shrewd, often perceptive investments when others missed the opportunities that were staring them in the face. Mampilly quickly rose up the ranks of Wall Street royalty, attracting press and attention nearly everywhere he went and with every investment decision he made. And industry papers and publications began to stand up and take notice, unsurprisingly.

According to the Daily Forex Report, Mampilly built “a super resume that could have landed a seven figure income.” However, he has left all that behind for working a bit more on his own. He wanted the change of pace as well as the opportunity to help more everyday people succeed in their investments. He still puts in plenty of work time each week. Today, he writes Profits Unlimited, which is a publication that helps over 100,000 subscribers discover exactly which stocks are right for them and which stocks are poised for success. On the opposite end of the spectrum, he has also helped tune people into the stocks that are not right for them or those that are poised to go bust, such as bitcoin. In addition, he manages such trading services as Extreme Fortunes and Rapid Profit Trader. He has also been featured on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and Fox Business News, becoming more of a recognized name and face to millions of Americans.

This is all a result of Paul’s belief that the best investments are those made in people. He believes that anyone who is willing to put in the time, energy, resources, and effort to understand the investment market and economics as a whole is capable of achieving their goals. He has set out to provide the road map for those people to follow, so that they can know where to look for smart investments and how to make wise decisions for their financial portfolios and their lives. In the end, Paul simply hopes that he can disseminate everything he’s learned into a truly helpful, authentic, and informative body of work that will be a legacy for him among investors and laypeople around the globe.

Paul Mampilly has another avenue through which he reaches everyday Americans and that is Banyan Hill Publishing. At the beginning of February 2019, he took the opportunity to reach out to tens of thousands of people through this site to give them his predictions for the next up-and-coming smart investments. His regular newsletter has become a fixture in financial markets around the country, and is read by thousands of people each week. In this newsletter, he outlines some of the most current opportunities available to investors as well as high-level strategy and looks at where the market is heading in the future. He does a great deal of analyzing the past and present of the market in order to make predictions about what will happen next, in everything from mainstream consumer goods to more esoteric topics like AI and advanced technology.

Mampilly now recommends turning to smart technology for the world of health care. Sometimes called disruptive technology, this artificial intelligence is poised to “disruptify” the world of health and medicine in 2019.

A disruptive technology is one that not only adjusts the trajectory of an industry, but often completely turns it on its head as a whole. AI is set to do exactly that, as the technology necessary to use it becomes less and less expensive and more and more powerful over time. It will soon become as ubiquitous as technologies liket he internet, hybrid cars, and smart phones. We will use AI in everything we do, from shopping for groceries to filling our cars with gas and everything in-between. It won’t belong before we have forgotten what it was like to live without AI entirely.

According to Mampilly, this living technology is set up to be the next big thing of this century. Of course, he is not the only one touting the greatness of this technology. Even the likes of Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt have seen the benefits of investing in this sector. The FDA has also surprised the investment world by hopping on board with the benefits of AI technology, saying that it will be a transformative power in the health sector.

AI can have huge waves in the health sector, because most healthcare related tasks are currently left up to human minds to comprehend and manage. But imagine if some of those tasks could be handled by AI and machine learning? Imagine if we were able to teach a computer to diagnose illnesses and diseases based on an amount of data no human brain could ever manage. It’s already happening, as there has been testing done to see whether machines could probably diagnose patients based on a set list of symptoms compared against the symptoms of thousands of other similar patients. The machines were able to accurately make predictions with astonishing success. It may seem like we’re living in the future, but we’ve been headed in this direction for quite some time now. It’s just that AI and machine learning are now becoming more visible as they enter the public consciousness, rather than existing on the fringes of industry-specific circles and conversations.

AI is not the sci-fi ideal that we’ve seen portrayed in movies. It’s not about giving robots the ability to speak, think, and act like humans, but rather imbuing machines with smart learning capabilities that will enable to them assist humans in vital tasks surrounding issues like healthcare and other important fields. AI is not designed to replace human brainpower, but to supplement and complement it so that we can achieve more than ever before. Just as the human brain is capable of incredible things nothing else can accomplish, computers are capable of completing millions of calculations per second. If we could teach them to adjust and improve those calculations themselves as they go, a process known as machine learning, we could achieve remarkable things in a wide range of fields and industries. The future is wide open for where AI and machine learning can take us, and it has made this field an incredibly exciting opportunity for investors everywhere.

Mampilly has several reasons for recommending investments in artificial intelligence and living technology stocks. By 2025, he predicts a gain of around 4,300 percent. He also knows that this technology will garner the attention and sympathy of the world as it works to solve such problems as cancer and blindness. Millions of Americans care about these issues, and the financial backing to this technology should be phenomenal in coming years. By hopping on the proverbial bandwagon now, investors from all levels of economic means will be able to cash in on major growth while also celebrating the eradication of certain diseases and other age-old health care dilemmas. This is what Paul believes is the best kind of investment—one that can lead to significant financial returns, but also has the potential to lead to major improvements to the quality of life of people throughout the planet. It’s what can sometimes be called a ‘moral investment.’ It results in both financial and karmic returns

One of the biggest areas for growth in living technology for health care is in the sector of senior care management. Upcoming changes within the next decade or two should include ways to monitor seniors more carefully whether they are at home or in care facilities. For example, smart spoons would be able to measure food and caloric intake. Fall alarms should improve response time, and medication reminders will become more intuitive, reacting much as a living staff member would. Technology may also provide organization of medical records, decreases in medical errors, streamlining of care provision by health care workers and digital signboards to provide smart messages at senior living communities.

All of these technologies can not only improve communication and reduce the person-hours required to accomplish important tasks, they can also lead to safer conditions, more accurate diagnoses, and more carefully targeted treatments for patients around the world.

With Pew Research statistics showing that more than half of Americans older than 65 currently spend time online, it is surprising that more money has not already been invested in technological solutions for this age group. However, “disruptive technology” is beginning to move the foundations of health care, changing traditional care methods into smarter and more intuitive ones.

Certainly, there will be institutions that resist this level of change. It’s no surprise that many people around the world worry that taking humans out of the equation when it comes to healthcare diagnosis might have unintended consequences, but they miss the point entirely. It’s not about replacing doctors and healthcare professionals, but rather giving them more tools to do their jobs more effectively. That’s the true power and potential of AI and machine learning in the health industry.

Individuals who are interested in getting in on this and other great stock opportunities can learn more by subscribing to Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited. This in-depth, thoroughly researched newsletter is filled with vital tips and insider information delivered with language that anyone can understand and knowledge anyone can take advantage of for a smarter investment portfolio. Subscribers can access many quality publications and regular alerts. First, they will be able to see his model portfolio, which includes all of the stocks that he is currently buying or selling. Subscribers will get weekly updates, including market trends, and monthly briefings, which are very important newsletters about up-and-coming stock investments. Plus, subscribers will be able to see past recommendations through the site’s archive.

“I also like to track millennials because I believe that they are about to take over the U.S. economy…. So it’s very important to pay attention to companies that millennials like, and that they use.”

Paul Mampilly is certainly a voice to trust in the investment sector. If his history as an investing wunderkind isn’t enough, since then he has proven his worth with his many great calls to investments over the years and in the amount of gains he has produced for many big-name companies. In fact, he first burst onto the scene around 2008 and 2009 when he participated in the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition. During this, he took $50 million and turned it into $88 million, making a 76 percent return during years of economic difficulty and winning the top award. Following this success, he continued to cash in on exciting new opportunities, such as Netflix, Google’s IPO and Universal Display, making huge gains each time.

Today, Mampilly can still be trusted to get smart stock opportunities correct. His newest recommendation for artificial intelligence investments through Alps Medical Breakthroughs ETF (NYSE: SBIO) is a “feel-good investment” according to his personal recommendation on Banyan Hill Publishing. According to his top picks for 2019, also published on the Banyan Hill Website, he recommends fully backing stocks “that are on the forefront of a major technological revolution.” He recommends Micron, which has recently dropped in price, making it perfect to buy now before it sores with new technology advancements.

While Paul Mampilly believes that smart technology for seniors is going to take over the world as well as the financial sector, he also believes strongly in the power of Millennials to change how things are done especially with investments. In his own words, he states, “I also like to track millennials because I believe that they are about to take over the U.S. economy…. So it’s very important to pay attention to companies that millennials like, and that they use.”

Changes in technology will change the way that people around the world live. However, by taking Mampilly’s advice on hopping on investments in this sector now while prices are still low, average Americans can find great returns and financial profitability while also feeling good about the positive changes they are making for humanity. This will ultimately result in successful investments alongside an industry that is on the cusp of a true revolution thanks to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the future of the medical industry as we know it.

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