Senator Ernst Says Trade War Affecting Farmers in Her State

United President Donald Trump is facing criticism from one of his own.

On Sunday, Republican Senator Joni Ernst admitted that the tariffs on China are hurting US farmers. The senator from the state of Iowa is tuned in to the struggle of the everyday farmer in her home state and around the nation.

The comments came on the “State of the Union” Sunday morning television news program. Ernst said that the escalating trade war is hurting the farmers and that there needs to be a path forward in the continuing tensions between the US and China. Ernst said that this issue particularly affects her state because one in five jobs in Iowa is directly tied to trade, with agricultural making up the largest industry affected.

While Ernst is hopeful that negotiations will continue between the two sparring countries, she does not anticipate that a resolution will come by the end of the summer. Ernst appeared to defend the president when she said that she understood the need to stop the Chinese from stealing the intellectual property of the US. This has been the primary reason why Trump has said that he is imposing the tariffs.

Ernst said that protecting our intellectual property from attacks from the Chinese is detrimental to the overall security of the country. However, it is the farm industry that is taking the brunt of the losses as a result of the trade war. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue announced last week that the government will give an additional $16 billion in aid to assist farmers that have been negatively affected by the ongoing trade war.

Trump approved the bailout and is expected to address the issue this coming week in the White House. Perdue said that the money will be made up through the revenue that the US is bringing in from the tariffs.

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