The Great Way Steven Stolen Impacted A Community In Indianapolis

Steven Stolen holds the position of Chief Executive Officer for IndyHumane. This is the name of the Indianapolis Humane Society. He has been working there since 2017 when the previous executive retired. They are at the forefront within the community of trying to improve the quality of life for local animals. For many years now, the humane society of Indianapolis has rescued thousands of animals from horrible environments to give them the medical treatment and general care they deserve.

The organization offers many services for the animals that come in such as spaying, neutering, foster care, adoption, behavior training and medical treatment. Before Steven Stolen took the position, many positions in management were shifted and traded. Many people receive promotions. However, most of the operations team stayed in their current positions.

IndyHumane has been around over a hundred years. The community holds the humane society in high regard because of their never-ending efforts to help animals. They pride themselves on educating the community about animal welfare and ways in which they can contribute to making their local shelters find more loving homes for the animals.

Currently, Steven Stolen is working at the largest animal shelter in the United States. Its success is due to the many animal lovers from generations past offering donations and volunteering. When it comes to networking and fundraising, Steven Stolen has exceptional abilities. He’s also the main person responsible for a long list of successful charity events throughout the years.

Mr. Steven Stolen was more than happy to take the position as CEO of IndyHumane because of his belief in animal rights. His hard work and compassion for the welfare of animals paid off during his first year at the shelter because they were easily able to conquer their budgeting goals thanks to many donors, both new and old. This is exciting because there has always been a deficit in the budget at the animal shelter.

After taking on the leadership role at the shelter, Steven went on to bring their total expenses up to around $2-million. To most, this may seem like a bad thing. However, he also went on to raise the revenue of the organization by more than $3-million dollars within the same time period.

This huge increase in revenue made it possible to improve the entire organization from staff and animals to the guests’ experiences. Steven had an active role in helping to improve the company and their ability to help animals through various welfare programs and financial achievements.

In 2018, Stolen made an announcement that he would be moving on from the humane society in order to pursue other endeavors. Even though the community is sad to see him leave, they are very grateful for the outstanding achievements he brought to IndyHumane.

Many of his prior experiences before working for the shelter included Rocketship Education, Indy Chamber, Butler University and the Indianapolis Children’s Choir. In addition to his positions within these organizations, he was also an independent consultant for many institutions around the city of Indianapolis.

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