The Success And Future Dream Of Veljko Paunovic

Veljko Paunovic entered the world in Strumic, Macedonia. He became a great Serbian footballer and serves the Chicago Fire Soccer Club as the head coach. His strength was in his versatility as both a striker and an attacking unit. The majority of his career occurred in Spain representing eight separate clubs. He additionally played professionally in the United States, Russia and Germany. On January 3rd of 2019, Veljko Paunovic was re-signed by the Chicago Fire for a two-year contract with an option for a third year. This will be the fourth season he has spent managing the Chicago Fire. In 2017, he was responsible for the team making it to the playoffs.

When Veljko Paunovic was younger, arriving for training meant a four hour walk. At this time, the buses did not have any petrol to provide transportation. Everything seemed normal for him including the long walk and not having any food until he came home from school. He only understood what had really happened many years later. This was when he realized the enormity of the impact the war had taken on the people of Yugoslavia. His youth enabled him to see the future in a positive light. Although he was not aware of it at the time, football became his chance to escape. His father Blagoje Paunovic was once a great football player.

Veljko Paunovic was never fortunate enough to watch his father play because his dad was thirty by the time he was born. By this time, his career was nearly over. He did know everyone in Yugoslavia knew exactly who his father was. He spent a lot of time with his dad discussing football. His sister and his brothers enjoyed the sport but he had a much greater love and talent for football than any of his siblings. During the long drive to the stadium, he would talk about football with his father. He never had the slightest doubt he would be a manager one day. By the time he turned 29, his first training level was complete. At the age of 34, he had acquired all his badges.

Once Veljko Paunovic became a member of the national team, he knew he had obtained everything to fulfill his dream of becoming a manager. He had no doubt his training would be successful because he knew his boys were the best in the country. It was during this time he was able to begin developing his individual style as a professional manager. He was incredibly excited when his team won the semi final. The next step was to win their final playing Brazil. When the final whistle blew, he raised a finger to the skies for his father. Unfortunately his father did not get to watch the game because he had passed away just six months earlier in December.

Veljko Paunovic thought a lot about his father once his team won the finals. Due to his dad, his entire life had been spent discussing and playing football. He attributed his success to his dad.

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