Trump Tells McGahn He Can’t Snitch In Front Of Congress

Mr. Trump has several political balls in the air. But one of those balls may hit him square between the legs. Mitch McConnell said it best when he told Trump tariffs are a bad idea. That was back when McConnell wasn’t sure he could take orders from a mobster. Trump found sanctions, and tariffs, and he uses those weapons to rule the trade world.

The Chinese are masters at the bait and switch method of negotiating. They may go with several Trump demands at the beginning of the talks. But as the talks progress, and Trump wants more and more from them without balancing the scales they use to determine what is fair, the Chinese change the trading playing field. Trump has something the Chinese want and if he doesn’t agree they can wait him out.

It sounds like Betsy DeVos may abandon the Trump mobster-type fairy tale if Trump wins again. Trump is not really a Betsy fan, but he makes her feel special in a weird way when he remembers there are education issues to address. DeVos said husband Dick might put his foot down. He wants her to come home to Michigan where she can act stupid and only a few million people will notice.

Mitch McConnell decided he better say the Mueller report is over just like Trump says it is. McConnell separated himself from all the Trump chaos. But he has to stay on the president’s good side in order to get reelected. That might not help if Kentucky realizes Trump sold them a bad bail of greed.

Joe Biden knows his political past will haunt him throughout the campaign. But his wife Jill is sick of hearing about Anita Hill already. She claims said he was sorry to Anita in a slippery dick sort of way. Bernie might not need to tell how poor a voter he was in the Senate if his current campaign doesn’t stop messing with the press.

FBI Director Chris Wray decided to throw Bill Barr under the bus when he told the press there’s no evidence the FBI spied on Trump’s campaign. Barr told Congress he thought Trump was under a microscope just like Trump said.

Trump put the hammer down on Don McGahn, the former White House lawyer who refused to fire Mueller when Trump asked him too. McGahn is the man who will blow the lid off the swamp if he testifies, and if Mueller testifies Trump might want to find a villa near Ben Netanyahu pad in Israel.

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