Veljko Paunovic Looks Forward To Continuing To Build As He Gains A Contract Extension With Chicago’s Fire

Velijko Paunovic is a former footballer from Serbia who currently serves as a head coach in the U.S.-based Major League Soccer organization. He was born on the 21st of August in 1977 and is currently 41 years of age. His current position is as the head coach with Chicago’s Fire team. Over the course of his own playing career, Veljko Paunovic Paunovic played in his home country of Serbia as well as playing in the United States, Germany and the Russian Federation but the largest part of his career was spent playing in Spain. His time playing in Spain included several periods of time where he played for Atletico Madrid. His playing career included a significant amount of time playing club football as well as heavy participation in international play.

In regard to his coaching career, Veljko Paunovic started off with Serbia’s national team as the manager of the under 18s, 19s and 20s. His stint managing the under 20s led to a FIFA World Cup Championship for the 2015 calendar year. His next move in the coaching realm was to accept the position as the head coach with the MLS club the Chicago Fire based out of Chicago, Illinois in the United States. It was on the 24th of November in 2015 that Veljko Paunovic first signed on as the head coach with the club.

On the 3rd of January in 2019, the announcement was made by the Chicago Fire that it had re-signed Veljko Paunovic to a new contract extension of a multi-year nature. This deal was reached as the coach enters his fourth year with the club and extends his contract for two more years. There is also an option for a third-year extension as well. The club’s General Manager Nelson Rodriguez has commented on the fact that the Chicago Fire organization is happy to be able to keep this valuable continuity going with the team as it moves forward in these next coming years.

These days Veljko Paunovic continues to keep himself on top of his profession by watching more football than he has perhaps every watched before when he was a player. He feels strongly that a good coach must also consider themselves to be a student of the game in order to continually improve and find new ways to guide and motivate the members of the team. This is a mindset that has helped him to grow greatly over the course of his coaching career and a mindset that he plans to continue with.

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