Brandless Offers Crunchy Granola At Discounted Prices

If you enjoy textured foods, there’s nothing better than creamy smooth yogurt topped with some delicious crunchy granola. It’s almost like the ingredients are harmonizing in your mouth! Brandless offers several types of granola featuring wholesome organic ingredients. Further, these Brandless granolas contain no GMOs (genetically modified ingredients) and no artificial favors, just natural ingredients from Mother Nature bursting with natural flavor.

To start, Brandless offers a classic granola, Brandless Oats and Honey Granola. This granola features whole rolled oats and crisp brown rice lightly sweetened with organic honey, organic molasses, and organic milled cane sugar (basically a “raw” sugar). If you like blueberries, you may gravitate toward the Brandless Blueberry Flax Granola. The ingredients are similar to the Brandless Oats and Honey Granola only with freeze dried blueberries and flax seeds added.

For those who seek a more elevated taste in their granola, Brandless has a couple of good options for you too. For you chocolate lovers, there’s Brandless Cocoa Granola with chunks of chocolate, hazel nuts, and complementary warm spices including cardamom, fennel seed, fenugreek, nutmeg. This is a complex blend of flavors that you’ll want to savor slowly to fully enjoy. There’s also Brandless Maple Pecan Granola with real maple syrup and pecans. Who doesn’t love that flavor combo!

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If you want to amp up your breakfast nutrients, consider ordering some superfood powders from Brandless and stirring this into your milk or yogurt before you add your granola. One option is Brandless Moringa Powder and another option is Brandless Maca Powder. These are among the most nutrient dense foods found on Planet Earth so if you’re looking for an easy way to boost your health, this is it. You could also add either of these superfood powders from Brandless to your morning coffee and drink this with your Brandless granola.

Another option for making your breakfast extra nutritious and delicious is to add seeds to your granola. Brandless offers an eight oz bag of organic black chia seeds for only $3.00. If you shop around, you’ll discover what a great price this is. You can also get a twelve oz bag of organic milled flax seeds from Brandless for only $3.00, another amazing bargain. Both of these seeds go great in oatmeal too.

Brandless granola is the perfect “pick me up” snack. Just throw a serving (one-half cup) into a reusable container and you’ll have the right ammunition you need when that mid-afternoon slump hits. There’s about five grams of protein in the Brandless Oats and Honey Granola and a similar amount in the other Brandless granola options, plus some carbs, to ward off mental and physical fatigue for the rest of your work day.

Of course, if you’re planning a weekend hike, Brandless granola is one of the best options to take along to snack on when you get hungry. It will keep your energy up and your taste buds dancing. If you tote it in with a reusable container, it’s also an ecofriendly option for food with no packaging, something always to be especially mindful of when you’re out in nature.

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