Market America-SHOP.COM Inspires Global Entrepreneurs at World Conference

It was not an ordinary day.

At least not for more than 20,000 entrepreneurs from all over the world gathered at the American Airlines Arena in Miami Florida on Saturday, February 9, for the wildly anticipated Market America- SHOP.COM World Conference.

After all, there is much to celebrate and be excited about.

Market America-SHOP.COM, the company behind the thriving UnFranchise system and Shopping Annuity program, which empowers entrepreneurs to achieve financial freedom through residual income, has recently been ranked the 36th biggest online marketplace in the world. Market America was also ranked #8 in the 2018 Grant Thornton North Carolina 100®.

As it was being announced during the event, the entire arena came to life as if lit on fire, with eager attendees giving a deafening round of applause and loud cheers.

A Global Powerhouse in the E-commerce Industry

Founded by CEO and Chairman JD Ridinger, Market America is now a successful global venture that helps entrepreneurs called UnFranchise owners grow their own businesses through strong pipelines and compelling promotional campaigns anchored on trust and traditional word-of-mouth advertising.

According to JD, the team behind Market America and SHOP.COM believes “there’s an equally powerful opportunity for us as a global ecommerce powerhouse. People don’t just shop for luxury items they shop for the things they use every day. By making those purchases the cornerstone of a Shopping Annuity, we feel this concept will revolutionize the retail industry as well as our economy. It took 25 years for the technology to catch up to our original vision of interconnected shoppers who wield their collective buying power and convert spending into earning.”

Success Stories in the Making

What draws aspiring entrepreneurs to join the growing tribe of Market America-SHOP.COM’s UnFranchise owners is the irresistible opportunity offered by the company to ordinary individuals willing to invest time and energy so they can eventually leave their 9-5 jobs and become their own economic architects.

What Market America-SHOP.COM offers is like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. A lifelong dream of financial freedom is possible for anyone determined to succeed, of course through dedication and hard work.

Market America-SHOP.COM gives these entrepreneurs the power to write their own success stories by providing the platform – the outcome of a tried and tested ecommerce business model – which allows them to earn and grow as much as they want to, considering the amount of time and resources they’re willing to invest.

Simply put, through the help of Market America-SHOP.COM, anyone can be an ecommerce magnate one day and at the soonest time possible.

Inspirational Messages from Conference Guest Speakers

The Market America-SHOP.COM conference featured notable guest speakers who shared powerful messages to entrepreneurs and other attendees eager to learn from inspiring success stories.

Guests included the executive team behind the successful Market America-America-SHOP.COM venture, illustrious entrepreneurs, and celebrities including English actress Gabrielle Anwar and Grammy-nominated rapper, actor, recording artist and businessman Fat Joe also known as Joseph Antonio Cartagena who is Market America’s current president for Urban and Latino Development.

Loren Ridinger, Market America Senior Executive Vice President gave the welcome address while JD Ridinger talked about his brainchild, the Shopping Annuity program.

SHOP.COM President and COO Steve Ashley were also onstage to electrify the crowd with his powerful presentation as well as Marc Ashley, President and COO of Market America-SHOP.COM.

What Happened at the American Airlines Arena in Miami Must Be Shared

UnFranchise owners were among those who shared their stories of success in the hopes of igniting the same passion among fellow entrepreneurs that made them strive to reach their goals. During the event, some of them were formally recognized by the executives of Market America-SHOP.COM for their extraordinary achievements.

JD Ringer emphasized the frustrating life of an individual struggling to succeed in a rat race, a waste of time and life, in general, that may never get him anywhere close to his dream of financial freedom 45 or so years later, anyway. He then explained how Market America-SHOP.COM’s is the best investment for any entrepreneur who wants to achieve financial success sooner.

Loren Ridinger spoke about empowerment and self-love. She demonstrated how any aspiring entrepreneur should not get obstacles get in the way of achieving their goals. In her powerful speech to inspire the audience to take control of their financial success, she told them to “ … get rid of the excuses. Stop being a victim and start forgiving yourself. Forget the past and live your future.”

Marc and Steve Ashley presented the newest trends and features on SHOP.COM including enhancements, products, programs and other significant information that UnFranchise owners and aspiring members can benefit from. They also explained new rewards programs for customers and credit card users as well as the SHOP.COM Concierge Program.

Fat Joe chanted onstage mouthing the words “Victory!” before explaining the enduring success of the Shopping Annuity. He narrated stories of ordinary people, even those he knew, that ended up in tragedy because they held on to the belief that their jobs were reliable enough to sustain them through the years. In the end, their jobs proved to be unworthy of their dedication and loyalty. It turned out, they were just part of the statistics. In his compelling presentation onstage, Fat Joe told the audience, “There is no job security. That’s why you have to be your own boss and The Shopping Annuity provides that for you!”

More Success Stories in the Making

The Market America-SHOP.COM conference was powerful because it was attended by more than 20,000 entrepreneurs driven to succeed, fired up and inspired by motivational guest speakers who imparted wisdom through information, successful business models, and personal experiences in the hopes of guiding these entrepreneurs to create the future success stories that may someday be featured in future Market America-SHOP.COM conferences.

If you want to see highlights of the Market America conference, you may click the link to the video here.






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