Matt Badiali’s #1 Thing You Can Do For Your Investments Today

Matt Badiali's #1 Thing You Can Do For Your Investments Today

If you are planning to invest in a commodity, would you not want someone to help you who is an expert on that commodity? That would be the best way to ensure you are making the best possible decisions regarding that commodity. You’d have someone to advise you who knew everything about what you are putting your money into. By the same token, sometimes it helps to see and know how the sausage gets made yourself, so to speak. That is certainly the philosophy employed by Matt Badiali.

Badiali is currently the editor for Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits as part of Banyan Hill Publishing, a publication that gives advice to people looking to invest and earn profits. Badiali’s approach is very hands-on, as he believes that the best way to understand your investment is to see it in person. Earlier in his life, Badiali worked as a geologist. This has provided him with a unique perspective as he combines his geology knowledge with his investment training to offer financial planning advice to those looking to invest in natural resources. As someone who has learned about the natural ways of the earth, Badiali is apt to identify, for example, whether a mine or an oil well is being harvested in a way that will provide the maximum return on investment.

As a contributor at Banyan Hill, Badiali aims to impart his hand-on investment strategy to those he advises. Banyan Hill is a collection of investment experts, all global experts in asset protection. They aim to help average Americans invest their money in a minimal-risk way to grow their wealth as much as they possibly can. They look to advise people on how best to structure their investments to help their portfolios grow in a solid and sustainable way.

There are a lot of mistakes that the average person might make when investing that cause, them to unwittingly increase their risk. In his Banyan Hill article entitled “The No.1 Things You Can Do For Your Investments and Retirements Today,” Badiali sites his own father as committing a very common but egregious error. He never quite knows exactly when to sell off his stocks, so when he does there never seems to be a lot of logic or reason behind it. It’s a mistake a lot of the more uneducated investors make, according to Matt Badiali.

There are a few guidelines we can follow to make sure we know when to buy and when to sell. “Sell stocks based on risk, not emotion,” Badiali writes in his article. People are most certainly not always rational creatures. We often make decisions based on how we feel, because the logic does not always feel right. Badiali encourages investors to avoid falling into this trap. Go ahead and do the research, talk to the experts, learn about the best strategies. Your investment portfolio should operate based on how high or low a given risk is, and not based on sentiment.

Badiali and a team of other investment experts at Real Wealth Strategist, a newsletter, use mathematical safety nets to remove emotion from their investment decisions. They also encouraged their readers to use similar methods. Many saw their investments turn in large gains, because their portfolios were managed based on levels of risk rather than on emotional decisions. These mathematical safety nets, as Badiali calls them, are also known as trailing stops, and Badiali advises that they can help minimize your losses and prevent you from operating your portfolio based on emotions.

This may sound like an obvious strategy – managing your portfolio in a way that does not factor in emotion but rather is based on rationality. It goes in hand with Badiali’s background of hands-on learning about your risk potential. After earning a B.A in Earth Sciences from Penn State University and subsequently a Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University, Badiali spent time working as a geologist for an oil drilling company. He also spent time as an environmental consultant. As such, his expertise in geology offered an extra layer of expertise as he handles financial planning with natural resource investments. His extensive knowledge in this area allows him to approach investing with expertise needed to make rational decisions.

Using these trailing stops that Matt Badiali describes, investors potentially have a new way to grow their retirement funds. Badiali describes a webinar investors can take part in to find out how these trailing stops can help investors minimize the five big potential risks. These risks include: longevity, inflation, volatility, expense, and solvency. Badiali, as would most other financial experts, advises that investing is a large part of retirement planning, so it is crucial to make sure that we are minimizing these risks involved for the sake of our long-term financial planning.

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Badiali’s work has taken him all over the globe. He has worked in Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Singapore, Haiti, Turkey and Switzerland to “get into the trenches,” according to his own bio on Banyan Hill and on his Facebook page. As editor of Real World Strategist, his work mainly focuses on these natural resource investments. He uses his expertise to evaluate any companies involved in making a product. For example, as cited on a review page on his services, we can look at the lumber industry and evaluate the company that plants the trees, the companies that cut them down, transport them, and process them. Badiali’s expertise provides the fact-based knowledge needed to make these rational, non-emotional financial decisions.

His publication investigates thousands upon thousands of companies that deal with natural resources in some capacity. Badiali has a “buy list” that gives a list of companies that may be a good idea to consider investing in based on his hands-on criteria. Matt Badiali and Real World Strategist employ a lot of common current media tactics to help potential investors get a good idea of what they should invest in. They have weekly newsletters, podcasts full of discussion, lists, interviews and alerts to help their subscribers stay as up-to-date as possible.

Financial planning is a long-term game, and buying and selling stocks is never fully predictable. There are no get-rich-quick strategies that are guaranteed, but it is never a bad idea to consult experts on a commodity to ensure you are minimizing your risks. Matt Badiali’s main goal is to provide this expertise from his background working in geology to help his subscribers make wise investment decisions. His methods employ strategies to remove all emotional and irrational thinking from the equation, leaving only rational thought that minimizes risk as much as humanly possible.

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