Matt Fleeger: Successfully Navigating the Changing Tides of the Dallas Oil Industry

matt fleeger

The evolving needs of oil and gas consumers in the United States and around the world, along with the growing demand for new, alternative energy sources have presented challenges for the U.S. oil and gas industry in recent years.

The highs and lows of these economic tides have left many oil and gas companies no choice but to re-invent their existing business models and try out new ideas in response to such problems as shortages in resources, keeping up with technological advancements, and fluctuating market demands.

Flexibility as a Survival Tactic

Flexibility and a willingness to make strategic internal changes are among the most important characteristics that today’s oil and gas companies must adopt if they are to survive the shifting market.

One company that has kept up with the rolling tides is Gulf Coast Western, headed by Matt Fleeger. Gulf Coast Western has successfully weathered some tough times over the past couple of decades, and has emerged as a model for growth in spite of the challenges of the times.

Gulf Coast Western is a company based in Dallas, Texas that focuses on exploration and acquisition of domestic oil and gas reserves. Its holdings are primarily in the Gulf Coast region, including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Alabama.

After surviving the difficult years of the recession that peaked in 2008, Fleeger recalls how those challenging times called for a creative and flexible approach to the company’s operational model. He remembers having to re-invent every aspect of his day-to-day operations in order to secure economic survival and still look toward growth and expansion during that trying period.

This led to the development of new and efficient day-to-day modifications and solutions that reduced overhead costs so the company could continue to invest in key personnel and prospects. It also led to the development of more efficient technological solutions that proved more efficient and allowed for more cost-effective growth and expansion.

This kind of thinking is what has kept Gulf Coast Western at the forefront of the oil and gas industry in the Gulf Coast Region.

Growth through Partnerships and Investments

Over its four decades as a successful family business, Gulf Coast Western has expanded thanks to its expansive network of key contacts and robust corporate partnerships that keep the company connected to leaders and growth models within the industry.

Fleeger notes that the current economic landscape supports two key growth opportunities at Gulf Coast Western. One is the opportunity for growth through low-cost acquisitions and investments in low-risk projects. The other opportunity is through strategic partnerships with bigger companies that can bring enough capital to the table to cushion against any upcoming challenges and fluctuations that may affect the industry in the future.

By focusing on these low-risk investment opportunities, Fleeger aims to ensure that growth continues at Gulf Coast Western. The company also plans to increase drilling activities, expand its geographical reach, and focus on new technological advancements in order to meet changing industry demands.

Gulf Coast Western also manages Oil & Gas General Partnerships, or Joint Ventures, an investment firm that secures profits and growth on third party investments in key oil and gas companies. While strategic partnerships within the industry have helped Gulf Coast Western expand geographically into more profitable territories, these acquisitions and mergers have also secured good ROI for investors in Joint Ventures.

Family Values

Gulf Coast Western was founded in 1970 as a family business, and from its inception focused on acquiring and developing domestic oil and gas reserves in the resource-rich Gulf Coast region.

The company’s business model always included nurturing trust and building valuable relationships with strategic business partners and investors for mutually beneficial gain. In its 40-year history of doing business, Gulf Coast Western, LLC has expanded into highly productive regions through valuable acquisitions, ensuring excellent ROI for partners in Joint Ventures.

Fleeger also remains committed to making sure that all team members in his company stay motivated. He wants everybody who works for his company to understand the direction that the company is moving in and how the company’s growth will directly benefit all involved. His reasoning for this is that it helps to build a unified, motivated team, and a unified, motivated team is more productive. This is one secret to getting through periods of economic downturns and coming out ahead.

The Fleeger family values are also evident in the company’s commitment to supporting philanthropic causes. Most of the company’s philanthropic giving is focused on projects that center children’s health and education services.

One of Fleeger’s philanthropic beneficiaries is the Sadie Keller Foundation, a Texas-based non-profit founded by Sadie Keller, an elementary school student and childhood leukemia survivor whose organization advocates for pediatric cancer research. The Sadie Keller Foundation provides resources for children during cancer treatment, as well as support for their families. The nonprofit also lobbies in support of legislation to provide more funding for pediatric cancer research, and raises awareness of the need for increased funding for childhood cancer research.

Fleeger’s corporate community giving also supports the Parish Episcopal School in Dallas, Texas, a school focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education. The school has gained national attention for its unique teaching model that engages children in a math and science based curriculum based on innovative, hands-on teaching methods.

Forward-thinking Leadership

Matt Fleeger assumed leadership of Gulf Coast Western upon replacing his father, who founded the company. Fleeger returned to the oil and gas business after having led successful companies in various non-related industries, such as medical waste management, and two companies that became legendary success stories in the indoor tanning industry.

Thanks to his formidable leadership capabilities and proven nose for strategic investments in all of these fields, Fleeger has established himself as a “renaissance man” and a figure to keep an eye on, landing a spot in the International Who’s Who of Business Professionals.

Fleeger’s accumulated experience in various disparate industries helped him hone keen business instincts and a sharp eye for partnership and acquisition opportunities that will withstand changing industry tides.

Having polished his skill at identifying investment prospects with promising potential for solid ROI, Fleeger remains focused on expanding Gulf Coast Western and ensuring an even more profitable future for his investment partners in Joint Ventures.

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