Trump Wants To Tweet Shade During The Democratic Debates

The tech giants want Trump to give Huawei a break. Without Chinese help, U.S. tech companies would struggle. Google, Intel, and other tech giants want to buy and sell Huawei products. Plus, the Huawei Honor Series smartphone is one fire. There is some wiggle room in Trump’s Huawei ban. Trump may make the licenses to work with Huawei easily accessible, according to the Washington Post.

China’s President Xi is not happy about the Huawei ban. He just accepted Trump’s invitation to talk at the G20 Summit. Xi won’t come back and talk now that Putin’s is on his side. The Chines press say President Xi will stop in North Korea before he arrives in Japan. North Korea and China have a strong working relationship. China knows how to get around the sanctions.

Kim Jon Un needs Xi’s help, and Xi needs his help distracting Trump while he’s on the campaign trail. The Chinese and the North Koreans could turn up the media heat on Trump’s ego during and after his campaign rallies. Mr. Trump may think Russia will help him win again using the Internet, but both of those countries can influence the election the same way Russia did in 2016. But those hackers will help the Democrats win, not Trump.

The Iranians told Trump to back off or they would up their uranium supply. Trump told the press that would violate a nuclear treaty rule, so that’s a deal breaker. But Mr. Trump was the deal breaker last year. Trump said it was the worst deal ever. He let his hatred for Obama influence his presidential decision making, according to the New York Times.

Mr. Trump put his hissy fit act on display when Mike Mulvaney had a coughing spell while he tried to blow smoke up George Stephanopoulos ass. Mike stays close to Trump. He knows Trump might mess up this opportunity to win over voters who already know he’s a dick.

Trump never stopped campaigning for president. He continues to sell his nationalistic political snake oil to the folks who believe he has all the answers. The people who believe his sanctions and tariffs won’t bite the American people in the ass.

But he needs more legitimate voters to win and the polls say he’s a loser right now. That’s why he plans to tweet during the Democratic debates. He can call them names and piss them off while the debate is in progress.

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